Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Quickie -- Walking the Hound

Late at night, I take my dog for a walk. It's peaceful, there are no other dogs to worry about, and the stars are generally beautiful. I never see anyone, nor is there any traffic at that hour in my gated subdivision, so I can walk my hound off of his leash. The destination is a little park a couple of blocks away.

Last night, as usual, I arrived at the little park before my dog, who sniffs every bush on both sides of the street as we walk. There was an RV parked in the parking lot, doubtlessly a visitor of one of the people living in the homes across the street. It was dark. There was no moon, and there are no street lights. I saw the glow of a cigarette, obviously being smoked by someone sitting on the curb. I could see the glow, but in the darkness I could barely make out the shape of the person smoking it.

"Hello," I said, announcing my presence so I didn't startle the smoker. "I have a dog following me, so you don't get surprised. He's friendly."

"Hi," a female voice said in a whisper. "Thanks for the warning."

I lowered my voice, "No problem. Are you staying in the RV?"

"Yeah," she said softly. "My kids are asleep. We're visiting the people living across the street there. I'm Julie."

"I'm Matt. The dog you'll meet in a few minutes is Cooper."

"Come closer so we don't wake my kids," Julie said as she snuffed out her cigarette and set the butt on the curb next to her. It was nice that she was obviously planning on disposing of it rather than flicking it randomly away.

I stepped nearer. She remained seated. It was late, I guessed she was tired. In the dark I could tell she had a full head of long, dark hair and she was a small woman. I couldn't make out her facial features, and I was sure all she could see of me was a silhouette as well.

"Where are you from?" I asked, making small talk, waiting for the mutt.

"We drove down from Nebraska."

"Long drive." I suck at small talk.

I could tell her face was turned up at me, but I still couldn't see her clearly.

"Two days," she said. "And I'm horny as hell. You like blowjobs, Matt?"

She reached out and rubbed her hand on my crotch. My hardening cock must've answered the question.

"I need some cock," she said as she started pulling down my zipper.

I unfastened my belt and the button holding my pants up as she reached into my open fly and caressed my cock. She pulled my pants and underwear down to my thighs, got on her knees and, holding my rapidly stiffening cock with one hand, took the head into her mouth.

"Damn," she said after sucking me to full stiffness, "I lucked out. You have a nice cock, Matt." She lowered her head again and took more of my dick into her mouth. She moaned as though it was sliding into her pussy rather than to the back of her mouth. She licked the underside and took the head into her mouth and stroked all around with her agile tongue, then sucked on the tip. "Oh, you taste nice."

I couldn't believe it. Neither could my dog as he rounded the corner. He stopped and looked. Fortunately, he'd seen me getting sucked off many times when ladies visited me, so he didn't feel the need to protect me from someone attacking my cock with her mouth. He just pranced into the park and started sniffing more bushes.

Julie paid no attention to him at all. She fondled my balls with one hand as she took more and more cock into her mouth. She then took her mouth off of me and jerked me off while flicking her tongue on the slit at the top of my dick. She plunged it back into her mouth and sucked it like... Well, like she was what she said she was, a woman who desperately needed a hard dick.

As she worked my prick, I gently placed my hands on her head. She was moaning and sucking and sliding her hand up and down my shaft just in front of her mouth.

"Fuck my face," she whispered.

I began thrusting my hips and she moaned as I plunged my cock into her mouth. As I pushed into her, she strained forward, taking more and more of my shaft with every thrust until her lips were kissing the base of my dick and the head was deep in her throat. She put her hands on my ass and pulled me tight against her face, then she pushed my hips back, put her hands on my ass and pulled me all the way into her throat again.

As my orgasm approached my cock grew, the head blossoming in size. She moaned around my cock as she felt it expanding. She backed off, sliding her hand up and down the shaft and sucking feverishly on about half of my cock, she'd then ram it down her throat and then pull way back and suck on the head while beating me off into her mouth.

The muscles in my legs and ass flexed as my orgasm began to overwhelm me. "I'm cumming..."

She used her tongue on the underside of my cock and all around the head while beating my meat into her mouth. When my first shot of cum shot into her mouth she pulled me all the way in as my hips thrust forward and I shot the remainder of my load straight into her throat. She gently withdrew sucking the last drops of my jism out of the tip gently before releasing my still pulsing dick from her mouth.

"Oh my God," I said, panting. "You were fantastic. Holy shit."

"You were yummy, Matt. Thanks."

She stood up. She was indeed small. I still couldn't see her face.

After all of that, I felt the need to reciprocate. "Do you want to go over the bench and let me eat your pussy?"

"Yes, but I should get back into the RV with my kids. Besides, I get really loud when I have sex and there's no way I could stifle it. I loved sucking your dick though."

I pulled up my pants. It was weird that this total stranger had just swallowed my cock, yet the uncomfortable part was how to say goodbye and walk away. I felt bad that I couldn't repay the orgasm. That's not my style.

She hugged me. Her hair smelled of her cigarette, her breath of my sperm.

"Maybe if we stay around we can do more tomorrow night," Julie said. She kissed me on the cheek and walked over to the door of her RV and disappeared inside.

"C'mon Coop..." I said softly to the dog. "Let's go home."

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sample of: "What Happens In Vegas Stays... On the Highlight Reel

“You know,” a tipsy Ilene said, “I always thought you were really hot.”

“No kidding? I didn’t know you looked at me that way at all. I figured I was more of a big brotherly friend and even more of a taxi driver.”

“Oh no,” she said. She leaned closer to me. “Want to hear a secret?”

“Of course,” I said.

“I used to listen to you while you were jerking off.”

I turned red. “What?”

“I could hear you pounding your pud,” she said. “I’d press my ear to the wall and listen. Sometimes I’d even stand outside of your door and finger myself while I heard you make yourself cum.”

I took a slug off of the beer I had ordered to chase the shots.

She put her hand on my knee. “Remember June, my best friend?”

How could I forget June, the early bloomer with the huge breasts and gorgeous face? She looked like she was a college senior when she was a high school sophomore. I nodded that I remembered her.

“She and I watched you jack off through your window a few times. Your cock looked so big and it was such a thrill to watch it spurt your cum onto your chest, and see your face as you climaxed.”

“When was this?” I asked. “How old were you?”

“It was when you were seventeen and eighteen. We were fifteen and sixteen. We actually did it every time she slept over. Then we’d go back to my room and frig our little pussies thinking about it.”

Her hand moved up my leg as she threw back a big swallow of her drink. Al just watched and smiled.

“Remember when you came home from college my senior year in high school? I was thinking of trying to seduce you. I wanted to suck and fuck your nice cock. But you were spending all of your time with that slut Rhonda.”

I smiled at the memory. My parents worked while I was home on winter break and Rhonda, a girlfriend from high school, came over and fucked my brains out every day.

“Remember the night Mom and Dad went to the Peterson’s Christmas party? They were gone until like two in the morning. You had Rhonda over and you two fucked yourselves silly. I listened to the whole thing outside of your bedroom door. I was surprised you didn’t hear me out there, moaning as I masturbated, but you were too busy pounding into Rhonda.

“You came and rolled over, and must’ve fallen asleep. Rhonda grabbed her clothes and was headed out and she caught me in the hall with my fingers still buried in my pussy. 

“Did you know that Rhonda liked girls?”

“No,” I said. “No I did not.”

“Well, she does,” Ilene smiled. “I know because she took my hand and led me back to my bedroom. She knew I’d been listening to you two fucking. She asked if I wanted to taste your cream. I was terrified, but still turned on. She said you’d cum on her tits when she sucked your nice cock, and put a nipple up to my mouth. I licked her tits and sucked on that nipple the way I wanted to suck your cock. Then she had me lay down on the bed and she straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I could smell your cum on her pussy. I stuck out my tongue and started licking. June and I had never touched each other when we fingered ourselves together, so that was my first taste of pussy. I licked at her hole, trying to suck out all of your cum. She lowered her head and ate my pussy. The first time I had my pussy well and thoroughly eaten was by your slutty girlfriend Rhonda.”

Her hand moved up and grabbed my cock. 

“We’re not related, you know,” she said, rubbing my hard cock through my pants. “And I’d still like to suck and fuck this nice big cock of yours.”

I swallowed hard. What was I going to say? That I wasn’t into it? The hard cock she was stroking was evidence enough that I was. The fact I hadn’t stopped her from grabbing it in the first place was more evidence still. And, the intense desire to eat her pussy until she screamed was the clincher. 

Al smiled and said, “Your room or ours?”

“Yours,” I croaked as Ilene sucked gently at my earlobe.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All Woman Orgy--A Sample of "Expanded Pleasures"

This is the first scene in Expanded Pleasures, A Submissive Friend Adds To Our Swinging Pleasure. An all woman orgy (utilizing sex products introduced in the second book in the series):

Then Stacia appeared in front of the camera, which was obviously on a tripod. She was wearing a black half-bra with the top half of her breasts and her sexy nipples showing, and a black g-string. 

“Hi Honey!” She said, waving at the camera. “Since you can’t be here, but I don’t want you to miss out on seeing our products put to such good and sexy use, I thought I’d do a private video for you. Joy wants you to know that if this ends up on the Internet, she’ll cut your balls off.”

I heard Joy’s voice yell, “Don’t do it, sweetie. You know I love your sexy balls!”

Frankly, I don’t think any balls are sexy, but if Joy likes mine, I’m a happy guy.

Stacia looked over her shoulder and saw that Audrey was getting the ball rolling by kneeling between Tami’s long, sexy legs and suckling her breasts. 

“Oh… it’s starting, baby,” Stacia said, moving out of frame. “I hope you enjoy it.”

She picked up the camera at that point and moved closer to Audrey, zooming in on her sexy lips gently pulling on Tami’s nipples, making them hard. Then she panned the camera and stopped briefly on Gail having her pussy fingered and breasts sucked by Cindy. Tina and Joy were each suckling one of Beth’s big soft breasts while she felt up their legs and crotches. 

The ladies disrobed, taking off whatever was in the way, mostly panties, but nighties too. Stacia was obviously still doing the camera work and was not yet involved. However, I could hear her breathing getting heavier as she watched. 

“Oh… look at that!” I heard her say as she zoomed in on Gail, bent at the waist, legs spread revealing a stunning view of her pussy and her crinkled little anus. 

The “Pleasure Pads” came out once the ladies got warmed up and Joy, Tina, Audrey, and Cindy laid down on them. The other ladies adjusted the leg straps, leaving the four women totally exposed and looking delicious. 

Stacia moved the camera so it had a shot of all four women, then left the tripod and went to eat Cindy’s pussy.

“Look at this, Michael,” she said. “Look how sexy all of these pretty pussies look, tilted up and ready for licking and sucking.” Then she laid down, her tight bubble butt looking fantastic, and she put her face right over Cindy’s upturned cunt. She kissed it all over, that beautiful face and those succulent lips pressing into another woman’s beautiful flower. Her tongue came out and she licked Cindy from her anus to the top of her crack. Then she made a show of sucking the inner lips and stretching them back, pulling with her lips.

Beth was eating Audrey like a woman possessed. I had no idea she could get so into sucking pussy. She had her mouth planted over Audrey’s pussy and you could see her jaw working as she sucked and tongued Audrey’s clit. Audrey was roughly rubbing her own breasts and pulling hard on her nipples. I wasn’t aware Audrey liked such rough nipple treatment, but if she did it to herself, I would remember to do it to her next time I saw her in the throes of passion. Then Beth did something really sexy. She took her big breast in hand, pinched the nipple to make sure it was hard, and she used her tit to rub Audrey’s clit. Audrey reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy wide open, exposing her nub to Beth’s nipple.

My attention shifted to Joy, as the exotic Tami was slashing at her clit with her tongue. Joy was shouting out her orgasm and holding Tami’s head between her legs. Tina had Gail working a finger into her ass while Gail’s tongue worked its magic on her clit.

Soon the other women all joined Joy in orgasm. 

The ladies who’d been doing the eating changed places with the women on the Pleasure pads and another round of pussy licking and moaning commenced. 

Cindy was running her tongue into Stacia’s delicious vagina, tasting her sweet juices and moaning into her. Stacia looked over at the camera and waved just as Cindy removed her tongue from Stacia’s hole and started sucking her clit like a little cock. Stacia’s eyes sort of rolled back into her head and she let her head fall back as she reached for her own breasts and tickled her areolas before lightly pinching and pulling at her own nipples, making them stand tall and proud on her breasts.

Audrey, who loves eating pussy, was going at Beth’s snatch like a starving woman on a watermelon. She wasn’t so much licking Beth’s cunt as rubbing her face all over it. She stuck two fingers in Beth’s wide, soft hole and fingered her hard as she began licking her clit furiously.

Joy was sucking and pulling Tami’s pussy lips while working a finger into her. I could tell by her upturned palm that she was stroking Tami’s g-spot with the tip of her finger. When she wrapped her lips around Tami’s clit and started flicking it with her tongue, Tami started moaning and pounding her fists onto the floor. Obviously, Joy had found both spots!

Tina was running her tongue in circles around Gail’s clit and rubbing her anus with her thumb in a similar circular motion. Gail was squeezing her breasts together and her head was turning side to side.  It was beautiful to see Tina’s pretty little tongue and beautiful face circling that sexy little pussy.
The women started cumming and shouting out their orgasms. They all laid back to catch their breath and you could see the wetness all over their engorged pussies. The ladies doing the licking then had a sort of group kiss that was mostly licking the other women’s cum off of each other’s faces. It was hot.

Joy came over to the camera. Looking into it, she said, “We have a little treat for you, Michael.”

She picked up the camera and brought it near the couch. The next thing I knew, Tina was laying on the couch with her legs spread, and the ladies brought my beautiful bride over and had her straddle Tina’s head. Audrey got behind the two as they began their sixty-nine and she started licking Stacia’s ass. I love seeing women rim each other. Hell, I love rimming women, and had tongue fucked every woman’s ass in that room, with the exception of Tami, who was a newer member of the group, but who had an ass so sexy I couldn’t wait to get my tongue into it. But, Stacia’s bubble butt was so gorgeous, and her puckered little asshole was so sexy that I was especially turned on by seeing a beautiful woman’s face pressed into her ass crack with her little tongue pushing up into Stacia’s butt. Audrey was happy to oblige my little kink and Joy gave me a close up on Stacia’s butt as Audrey pushed her tongue up my lover’s ass. It was incredibly sexy to see Tina’s mouth working Stacia’s pussy while Audrey tongue fucked her anus.

I heard Joy’s voice breathlessly say, “I need to put the camera down now, Michael. Gail is kissing my ass and Beth is sucking my titties…”

The camera was positioned so I could watch the threesome on the couch, but I could also hear the other women coming together out of my view.

Stacia came hard, bucking her ass back at Audrey’s tongue while fucking Tina’s face with her pussy. She planted her mouth over Tina’s clit and I could hear her moaning into it while it was obvious she was stroking Tina’s clit fast with her tongue. Tina arched into Stacia’s mouth and came with a shout.

As the threesome unwound, Audrey said, “I need to get fucked! Who wants to get fucked?”

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hermaphrodites and She-Males

I'm a straight guy. I've been in plenty of positions not to be, in threesomes and at times when a gay or bi guy has requested the opportunity to suck me off. I have to say, I enjoyed the oral ministrations of the guys, but I shut my eyes and fantasized that a hot woman was giving me the blowjob. When presented with the opportunity to reciprocate, I was just not turned on by the male body (btw, in case you think I'm a selfish SOB, it was always clear that reciprocation was unnecessary--I didn't promise anything I didn't deliver or intimate something would happen that didn't--in each case the guy requested it and I think they got off on just sucking off an otherwise straight guy).

On the other hand, and I think this is true for other straight guys, the thought of a passable she-male (a pre-op transvestite) or a very feminine hermaphrodite excites me. It's not the cock that is the problem. I'd certainly suck my own if I had the flexibility (tried it... failed... damn!). I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with being gay or bisexual, and I applaud people for being open minded when it comes to sexual expression. I just don't get turned on by men. Cocks are cool, though. They're fascinating, really. Some, I must say, are far more appealing visually (at least to me) than others, but they're still a very interesting body part. Something that grows in size, becomes hard, yet still with soft skin, has a large head with a unique texture... Put something like that on a woman, with soft skin, sexy breasts, a pretty face and sensual lips--it becomes very interesting. (Not more interesting that what ladies already have, though. Female parts are wonderful!)

I think that's why shemales and hermaphrodites are sexy even to otherwise straight men. It's not that we don't appreciate cock. In fact, it's almost guaranteed that we've played with a cock a lot more than we've played with woman (I refer, of course, to our own phalluses--phalli?). I often wonder how many guys, if they could do it in total secret, would enjoy sex with a hermaphrodite or a shemale. In my book, What Happens in Vegas Stays... On the Highlight Reel, I explore the question when I put the main character into a threesome with two sexy women, one of whom is a hermaphrodite.

I'd be interested in getting a woman's perspective on this (as well as comments by guys). Would it be sexy for a woman to have sex with a shemale, or a hermaphrodite? Would it seem to be the best a both worlds?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sample of: "My Ex-Girlfriend's Daughter"

It was Saturday and I had nothing to do. I read the paper and had coffee. I was distracted, still trying to wrap my head around the night before. One part of me felt like I might’ve done something wrong. Another part of me couldn’t wait to do it again, and hoped like hell I’d get the chance. 

Around noon I was taking a dip in the pool and the back gate opened. Jeanie walked through it, carrying a towel and wearing a very small and revealing bikini.

“Hi,” I said. 

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said with a smile. “I knocked, but you didn’t answer. I thought you might be in the pool.”

The war within my head was on. Did her mom know where she was? Did my neighbors see a sexy young girl in a bikini coming to my house? Should I be entertaining a sexy young girl in a bikini?
Fuck it. I just wanted to kiss her again. I wanted to suck those pert little tits and lick and suck that incredibly sexy little cunt. 

“Are you happy to see me?” she asked.

I nodded my head, laughing to myself. “Yes,” I said. “I shouldn’t be, but I definitely am.”

She walked over to where I was standing and bent down. “Thank you for last night,” she said, bending to kiss me. “I never dreamed anything could feel so good.”

We played in the water a little bit, then laid in the sun.

“Can I ask you another favor?” she said after a while.

“You want to make love to me,” I again expressed my assumption of what was on her mind.

She smiled. “Yes, but that wasn’t what I was going to ask.”

“Sorry,” I said. “What can I do?”

“Teach me how to suck cock,” she said with a smile. “I really want to give you oral pleasure like you gave me. And besides, guys my age cum in about two minutes no matter what you do to their dicks. I have no idea if I’m good at it or not. I really want to be. I want to be a lover like you are… I want to give real pleasure to my partner.” She smiled again as she got up from her lounge chair knelt beside mine, reaching out to feel my hardening cock. “The other thing is, I want to feel your nice cock in my hand, and in my mouth, and in my tight, young, pussy.”

By the time she finished that statement I was at full staff. She was gripping my hard cock through my swimming suit and breathing heavily.

I eagerly got up and brought her back into the house, to the couch. Before I sat down, she slid my trunks down and my hard cock sprung out in front of her. She wrapped her warm little hand around it and cooed like a dove. “It’s so sexy,” she said.

I sat back on the couch and spread my legs. She got on her knees in front of me. 

“Take off your top,” I instructed. She did and I reached out to feel her firm breasts. “You can use these too,” I told her. 

“To titty fuck?” she asked.

“That, and other things. I’ll show you…”

Her little hand was holding my cock, pulling up and down. Her grip was too tight, and I told her how much pressure to use when she was masturbating a dry cock, and how light her touch had to be when caressing it so she gave pleasure and didn’t stretch the skin.

She bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I told her to hold it there and run her tongue all around the crown. I had her pull off and I showed her where my cock was the most sensitive, the crown, beneath the crown, down the underside, and especially the little nerve bundle called the frenulum just below the head on the underside. I had her gently flick those areas with her tongue.

As she was working the frenulum, using my instruction to lick it like I was licking her clit the previous night, pre-cum built up at the tip of my cock. She saw it and licked it up. “Hmmm…” she moaned.
I had her take my cock deeper into her mouth, putting pressure on it with her lips and working it with her tongue at the same time. Then I showed her how to use her hand to slide up and down the cock along with her mouth to stimulate the entire length of the cock while she just sucked the part she could comfortably and enjoyably get into her mouth. I had her suck me slow with light pressure, and then faster. I had her adjust her pressure, telling her that different speeds and pressures were pleasurable.
As reluctant as I was to have her mouth leave my cock, I told her to lick my balls. Her little tongue felt fabulous as she flicked gently at my scrotum.

“Tell me about using my tits,” she said.

First I showed her how she could gently rub her breasts on my inner thighs and balls. The warm, soft flesh felt great gently touching my sensitive skin. Then I showed her how she could suck on my cock to get it nice and wet and slippery, then wrap her soft breasts around it and masturbate me with her tits, or let me fuck them. It was a good way to keep giving me pleasure while taking a break from sucking if she needed one. 

“Now I want to make you cum,” she said. “I want to swallow your cum.”

She used all of her lessons to give me an extraordinarily fine blowjob. I told her as my body gave her signals to that would let her know when she was doing something she should continue. She got in a perfect rhythm with her mouth sliding up and down my cock, and her hand working in precise coordination with it. My cock started growing even harder and bigger. Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at me. It was incredibly sexy to see her sexy young lips wrapped around my hard phallus and her beautiful big eyes meeting mine as she sucked on it. I put my hands on her head, feeling her silky brown hair. I tried not to thrust, keeping her in complete control, but as my orgasm overwhelmed me I couldn’t help but thrust my hips up as my dick released shot after shot of hot jism into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and seemed to have a little quiver run through her body like she was having a little orgasm too. She definitely had the most important part of being a great cocksucker down… She seemed to love doing it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sample of: "Volleyball Girls' Butts"

Amy walked right up to Ron, invading his personal space. She did it with seductive swagger, though, so he wasn’t sure whether he should be intimidated or turned on. Amy, in her heels, was taller than his six-feet by a couple of inches. It felt like more, given the way she carried herself.

“What is it you like about our games?” she asked, her face close enough to his that he could smell her breath.

“Well… You play great volleyball. I love the game.” Ron backed up a step. Amy followed.


“And I think you’re a great team.” Ron was starting to perspire.

“And…” Amy said, louder.

“And…” Ron was flustered. “I don’t know. Shit. What do you want me to say? Why are you interrogating me? I’m a fan of your team.”

“Jesus. Why don’t you just admit it?” Amy seemed angry and frustrated. “You want to fuck our asses, don’t you? Admit it. You come to our games, get turned on by all these hot athletic asses, then go home and jerk off. You want to fuck us.”

Ron was shocked. He couldn’t say the truth, which was that Amy was goddamned right. He did get hard watching them play. He did go home and jerk off thinking what they’d look like naked. He’d give anything to shove his hard prick in Amy’s asshole. That tight, round, big ass… Yeah, he wanted to fuck her. 

But, he also really loved the game. He really was a fan of the sport, and of the girls as athletes. He tried to think of himself that way, not as the guy who wished Brittany played nude.

“No!” He protested. “I like the game! You ladies are beautiful, but that’s not why I come.”

“Turn around, Ron,” Amy instructed. “Brittany…” She looked at Brittany.

Brittany stood up and lifted her skirt. Her bare ass was four feet from Ron’s eyes. It was gorgeous. More beautiful than he’d imagined. The skin looked flawless and soft. The curve of her ass cheeks was perfect and her little ass crack was slightly open. He could see a glimpse of her pussy protruding below her ass, between her strong, muscular legs.

Amy put her hands on his shoulders. “You’re telling me you’re such a pussy that you don’t get hard looking at that ass?”

Ron was hard alright. “Um… No. That’s a gorgeous ass. Very exciting.”

“You want to fuck that ass?” She breathed the words into his ear, not so much sensually as in the way the snake in the Garden of Eden must’ve sounded. Her hands moved down onto his upper arms.

“I… Um… I don’t…” he stammered.

Amy yanked his arms back and held them in her strong grip. Ron felt handcuffs being placed on his wrists.

“What the fuck?”

“Don’t worry,” Amy said. “I think you’re gonna like this.”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Having Fun With It

One of the great things about self-publishing erotica is that it absolutely frees your mind and allows you to play. A thought leaps into my head: Volleyball playing girls have great butts. My Tweep Lacy has been mentioning and posting pics of "pegging" (a woman fucking a man with a strap on).

Bada boom, bada frickin' bing, there's a story idea. Combine sexy volleyball player butts with pegging. So that's what I did. A little thought experiment that took a day and a half, 5,000 words, and (so far) one edit.

I'm sending it to my pal Lacy. Hopefully, she'll like it. A little more editing, and maybe I'll publish it. Hey, it's pretty hot. Dominant female... Restrained (hand cuffed) guy getting fucked by a strap on while rimming a sexy athletic butt..

Writing is fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Sample of: "Expanded Pleasures: A Submissive Friend Adds to Our Swinging Pleasure"

It wasn’t until the next day at dinner that the subject of our business really came up. The ladies had spent the night before commiserating, and most of that day treating themselves to a spa day to help Anna recover from her pain. It seems a good massage, mani-pedi, and a new hairstyle for Anna was a key to recovery from heartache.

“You haven’t told me about your great new business venture,” Anna said. She looked at me, “All I know is that you’re an inventor. What did you invent?”

I took a deep breath, not sure what to say.

“They’re adult products,” Stacia said proudly.

“Like, um, what?” Anna asked, looking at me.

“Well, the first one is called a Pleasure Pad. Its purpose is to make a guy giving a woman oral stimulation more ergonomically correct so that he can do it longer and they can both enjoy it more.”

Anna turned to Stacia. “Are you telling me that you met and married a man who not only goes down on you, but who actually designed a product so he can do it longer? You bitch!” They both laughed. I turned some weird shade of red.

“I won’t even tell you how good he is at it.”

The conversation went on for a while, not getting to any other product, but just talking about the Pleasure Pad and how it works and what a big seller it is. In the meantime, wine was flowing and it seemed Anna was drinking most of it. 

She started complaining about what a crappy lover her ex was. She started asking questions about how it felt to be on the pad.

Finally, Stacia reached out and grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze, then turned to Anna and asked, “Do you want to try it?”

“Hell yes,” she said. “But with who?”

“Michael,” Stacia said.

“Michael?” Anna looked puzzled. “You’d let your husband go down on me?”

“You’re my friend,” Stacia said. “Michael and I have a trusting and loving relationship, but we are very open about sexual play. In fact, we swing. I’ve watched Michael go down on several of my best friends. They love it. He loves it. You want to try it? I can see you’re horny. You haven’t been satisfied in a long, long time. Let the man’s mouth take you to heaven, sweetie.”

Anna gulped. Her nipples were poking through her t-shirt, indicating that her body was saying yes if her mind could wrap itself around the concept.

“You’re sure it’s OK?”

“As long as I’m there too, if you don’t mind,” Stacia answered.

After a long pause Anna nodded.

We got up from the table and went to our bedroom. Stacia pulled our Pleasure Pad from under the bed. Anna just stood there, looking unsure what to do.

“Take off your clothes, Anna,” Stacia told her.

Anna looked at Stacia as she slowly undressed. Her little body was so tight I couldn’t believe it. She had a legitimate six pack and no fat on her hips, so you could see the muscle of her obliques. As she pulled her thong down her completely shaven pussy came into view. It was beautiful. Her inner lips were longer than Stacia’s, protruding from the rest of her cunt as she stood there. Her breasts were little more than a handful, with small areolas and little nips. With her pixie face, shaved beaver, and little boobies, you’d think she was a little girl, except for that whole hard body thing. She was sexy, and in a way very different from Stacia, who was all softness and curves, everything luscious and mouth watering.

Anna just stood there, naked. She looked at us. 

“Get on the pad,” I told her. “I’ll adjust it for you. You’re very beautiful, Anna.”

“Thank you,” she said, meekly. 

When Anna laid down and was strapped in, her pretty little pussy completely exposed to me, I undressed down to my underwear. Stacia sat in a chair so she had a good view.

I began kissing Anna’s strong legs, slowly working my hands down to her crotch as my lips followed. I massaged her pussy, lightly stroking all around it, then rubbing it. I slid a finger up her slit and felt that she was already dripping wet with anticipation. Her flower opened to me as I laid down to get my face over her quim.

“Please, oh please lick me,” Anna begged.

I began teasing all around her shaved outer lips, running my tongue between her outer and inner folds. Stacia smiled, knowing exactly what her friend was feeling. I sucked at her pussy, below the clit, my mouth right over her entrance, and then I tasted her, lapping at her opening to savor her unique flavor.
Anna was lightly rubbing her own breasts as her lust built up. 

Stacia stood up. “Do you want me to rub your titties, Anna?” Stacia asked.

“Yes, ma’am. Please rub my titties.” 

Stacia slid off her own clothes. She had been braless so her tits were naked, and such a contrast to Anna’s small, pale boobs with their little nipples. Stacia reached out and started lightly rubbing, then kneading Anna’s breasts. She pulled lightly on Anna’s nipples, and finally decided to suck them.
As Stacia’s lips lowered onto Anna’s nipples, Anna started rubbing Stacia’s head and back. I was feasting on her little quim, enjoying every suck and tongue stroke of this beautiful girl’s delightfully responsive pussy.
“May I suck your nipples?” Anna asked, panting out the words.

Stacia moved up so her long, stiff nipples were available to Anna’s mouth. Anna suckled them like some cross between a small child and a lesbian whore.

I found the spot that I believed would get Anna off and started tonguing her clit with the intention of giving her a mind-boggling orgasm. She was screaming around Stacia’s breast, clutching at her back and pulling her tit into her mouth as her body went stiff with orgasm. I backed off and she released Stacia’s nipple just long enough to say, “More, please. More.” Then she took Stacia’s other nipple into her mouth and began sucking. I dove back between her legs and resumed eating her pussy as she came over and over.

Finally, when her body went limp, I kissed her pussy and pulled away. Anna just laid on the pad, legs in the air, supported by the straps, arms outstretched catching her breath.

“Stacia,” I said, “can I talk to you for a minute in the hall.”

We went into the hall and I said, “Honey, your friend is a submissive. She needs to be treated like a subbie.”

“What?” Stacia asked. “What do you mean?”

“Did you see when she got undressed? She was waiting for an order. Did you hear how she asked me to eat her pussy? Did you hear the way she answered you ‘yes, ma’am’ and how she asked if she could suck on your boobs? She’s a submissive. It’s what gets her off.”

“No shit?” Stacia said. “Let’s check it out. Dominate her.”

Monday, January 9, 2012

What Do You Think: The Question of M on M Sex In Erotica

Here're a couple of questions I'd love to have answered:

Clearly, most people (men and women) seem to enjoy girl-on-girl sex scenes. What do you think of guy-on-guy sex scenes? I'm not talking about in the context of a story based on gay men, but, for example, in my How I Became A Swinger, A Love Story I have a scene where Stacia wants to watch Michael give a blow job. And, since she knows he also has intense orgasms when she stimulates his ass, she wants to see him receive anal from a guy. (This all takes place in the context of a swinger party/orgy). Is that something that turns people on? Does it turn men on?

Personally, I'm turned on by guy-on-guy sex in fantasies--in erotic stories. In real life, when I've had the opportunity to engage in it, it hasn't shown up as a turn-on for me, though. Maybe it's the reality of the real man being there, and I'm just not excited by masculine bodies. I am excited by the thought of it, but when the whole of it (including the masculine skin, the masculine scent, the look of the actual phallus) is in front of me, I'm not interested.

How about women? Do you enjoy guy-on-guy scenes in erotica? In a MFM scene, would you be turned on or turned off if the guys were bi?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.