Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Having just returned from the north country, back to the nice warm Southwest, I was inspired to write a quick story about a blizzard. I'm still in the middle of it (the story, not the blizzard), but here's the gist:

A guy, Barry, plans a getaway with his girlfriend, Jill, to a cabin in the northern woods of Minnesota. At the last minute, her ex-step-daughter who has just returned from her freshman year of college, asks to spend time with her. Jill wasn't married long to her ex, but she and Megan had gotten close as she coached her through the trials of her high school years and growing into womanhood.

They reach the cabin just as an unexpected snowstorm (weather predictions in Minnesota are notoriously bad) hits. Everything is fine until it becomes a full-fledged blizzard and the power goes out. The only warm spot in the log cabin is in front of the fire.

Jill drinks wine, which always makes her horny. Barry is already spending an inordinate amount of time trying to control his erection lying between one sexy woman and a sexy girl with her womanly charms just coming into full flower. And Megan, it turns out, is a randy little thing who loves cock (but needs some instruction from the experienced and expert Jill on how to properly take care of one). Megan has also been experimenting with her friends at college and has a real surprise for Jill, who'd never been with a woman before, let alone her ex-stepdaughter.

Somehow, with all that, some sex happens. (smirk)

Just gotta finish writing it... I'll post portions here.

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