Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Having Fun With It

One of the great things about self-publishing erotica is that it absolutely frees your mind and allows you to play. A thought leaps into my head: Volleyball playing girls have great butts. My Tweep Lacy has been mentioning and posting pics of "pegging" (a woman fucking a man with a strap on).

Bada boom, bada frickin' bing, there's a story idea. Combine sexy volleyball player butts with pegging. So that's what I did. A little thought experiment that took a day and a half, 5,000 words, and (so far) one edit.

I'm sending it to my pal Lacy. Hopefully, she'll like it. A little more editing, and maybe I'll publish it. Hey, it's pretty hot. Dominant female... Restrained (hand cuffed) guy getting fucked by a strap on while rimming a sexy athletic butt..

Writing is fun!

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