Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Quickie -- Walking the Hound

Late at night, I take my dog for a walk. It's peaceful, there are no other dogs to worry about, and the stars are generally beautiful. I never see anyone, nor is there any traffic at that hour in my gated subdivision, so I can walk my hound off of his leash. The destination is a little park a couple of blocks away.

Last night, as usual, I arrived at the little park before my dog, who sniffs every bush on both sides of the street as we walk. There was an RV parked in the parking lot, doubtlessly a visitor of one of the people living in the homes across the street. It was dark. There was no moon, and there are no street lights. I saw the glow of a cigarette, obviously being smoked by someone sitting on the curb. I could see the glow, but in the darkness I could barely make out the shape of the person smoking it.

"Hello," I said, announcing my presence so I didn't startle the smoker. "I have a dog following me, so you don't get surprised. He's friendly."

"Hi," a female voice said in a whisper. "Thanks for the warning."

I lowered my voice, "No problem. Are you staying in the RV?"

"Yeah," she said softly. "My kids are asleep. We're visiting the people living across the street there. I'm Julie."

"I'm Matt. The dog you'll meet in a few minutes is Cooper."

"Come closer so we don't wake my kids," Julie said as she snuffed out her cigarette and set the butt on the curb next to her. It was nice that she was obviously planning on disposing of it rather than flicking it randomly away.

I stepped nearer. She remained seated. It was late, I guessed she was tired. In the dark I could tell she had a full head of long, dark hair and she was a small woman. I couldn't make out her facial features, and I was sure all she could see of me was a silhouette as well.

"Where are you from?" I asked, making small talk, waiting for the mutt.

"We drove down from Nebraska."

"Long drive." I suck at small talk.

I could tell her face was turned up at me, but I still couldn't see her clearly.

"Two days," she said. "And I'm horny as hell. You like blowjobs, Matt?"

She reached out and rubbed her hand on my crotch. My hardening cock must've answered the question.

"I need some cock," she said as she started pulling down my zipper.

I unfastened my belt and the button holding my pants up as she reached into my open fly and caressed my cock. She pulled my pants and underwear down to my thighs, got on her knees and, holding my rapidly stiffening cock with one hand, took the head into her mouth.

"Damn," she said after sucking me to full stiffness, "I lucked out. You have a nice cock, Matt." She lowered her head again and took more of my dick into her mouth. She moaned as though it was sliding into her pussy rather than to the back of her mouth. She licked the underside and took the head into her mouth and stroked all around with her agile tongue, then sucked on the tip. "Oh, you taste nice."

I couldn't believe it. Neither could my dog as he rounded the corner. He stopped and looked. Fortunately, he'd seen me getting sucked off many times when ladies visited me, so he didn't feel the need to protect me from someone attacking my cock with her mouth. He just pranced into the park and started sniffing more bushes.

Julie paid no attention to him at all. She fondled my balls with one hand as she took more and more cock into her mouth. She then took her mouth off of me and jerked me off while flicking her tongue on the slit at the top of my dick. She plunged it back into her mouth and sucked it like... Well, like she was what she said she was, a woman who desperately needed a hard dick.

As she worked my prick, I gently placed my hands on her head. She was moaning and sucking and sliding her hand up and down my shaft just in front of her mouth.

"Fuck my face," she whispered.

I began thrusting my hips and she moaned as I plunged my cock into her mouth. As I pushed into her, she strained forward, taking more and more of my shaft with every thrust until her lips were kissing the base of my dick and the head was deep in her throat. She put her hands on my ass and pulled me tight against her face, then she pushed my hips back, put her hands on my ass and pulled me all the way into her throat again.

As my orgasm approached my cock grew, the head blossoming in size. She moaned around my cock as she felt it expanding. She backed off, sliding her hand up and down the shaft and sucking feverishly on about half of my cock, she'd then ram it down her throat and then pull way back and suck on the head while beating me off into her mouth.

The muscles in my legs and ass flexed as my orgasm began to overwhelm me. "I'm cumming..."

She used her tongue on the underside of my cock and all around the head while beating my meat into her mouth. When my first shot of cum shot into her mouth she pulled me all the way in as my hips thrust forward and I shot the remainder of my load straight into her throat. She gently withdrew sucking the last drops of my jism out of the tip gently before releasing my still pulsing dick from her mouth.

"Oh my God," I said, panting. "You were fantastic. Holy shit."

"You were yummy, Matt. Thanks."

She stood up. She was indeed small. I still couldn't see her face.

After all of that, I felt the need to reciprocate. "Do you want to go over the bench and let me eat your pussy?"

"Yes, but I should get back into the RV with my kids. Besides, I get really loud when I have sex and there's no way I could stifle it. I loved sucking your dick though."

I pulled up my pants. It was weird that this total stranger had just swallowed my cock, yet the uncomfortable part was how to say goodbye and walk away. I felt bad that I couldn't repay the orgasm. That's not my style.

She hugged me. Her hair smelled of her cigarette, her breath of my sperm.

"Maybe if we stay around we can do more tomorrow night," Julie said. She kissed me on the cheek and walked over to the door of her RV and disappeared inside.

"C'mon Coop..." I said softly to the dog. "Let's go home."


  1. Now where the hell are women like that when I need them? LOL Great story, Matt ...

    1. Hey... Me too. I actually did meet the woman, but the blowjob was my fantasy as I talked to her. I wonder what would've happened if I'd made the suggestion? You never know. I had a friend in college, a goofy looking little fucker, and his approach to women was to literally walk up to them and say, "Do you wanna fuck?" He got slapped a lot. But he also got laid a lot. And by some hot women! It drove me nuts. Once we were at a drive-in movie (three of us, another friend, this goofy little fucker, and me). My friend and I were trying to chat up these girls, hoping to maybe make out. Up comes the goofy guy with this stunning blonde, they get in the back of the car and fuck... with my other friend and I standing outside of the car! Unbelievable.