Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Sample of: "Expanded Pleasures: A Submissive Friend Adds to Our Swinging Pleasure"

It wasn’t until the next day at dinner that the subject of our business really came up. The ladies had spent the night before commiserating, and most of that day treating themselves to a spa day to help Anna recover from her pain. It seems a good massage, mani-pedi, and a new hairstyle for Anna was a key to recovery from heartache.

“You haven’t told me about your great new business venture,” Anna said. She looked at me, “All I know is that you’re an inventor. What did you invent?”

I took a deep breath, not sure what to say.

“They’re adult products,” Stacia said proudly.

“Like, um, what?” Anna asked, looking at me.

“Well, the first one is called a Pleasure Pad. Its purpose is to make a guy giving a woman oral stimulation more ergonomically correct so that he can do it longer and they can both enjoy it more.”

Anna turned to Stacia. “Are you telling me that you met and married a man who not only goes down on you, but who actually designed a product so he can do it longer? You bitch!” They both laughed. I turned some weird shade of red.

“I won’t even tell you how good he is at it.”

The conversation went on for a while, not getting to any other product, but just talking about the Pleasure Pad and how it works and what a big seller it is. In the meantime, wine was flowing and it seemed Anna was drinking most of it. 

She started complaining about what a crappy lover her ex was. She started asking questions about how it felt to be on the pad.

Finally, Stacia reached out and grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze, then turned to Anna and asked, “Do you want to try it?”

“Hell yes,” she said. “But with who?”

“Michael,” Stacia said.

“Michael?” Anna looked puzzled. “You’d let your husband go down on me?”

“You’re my friend,” Stacia said. “Michael and I have a trusting and loving relationship, but we are very open about sexual play. In fact, we swing. I’ve watched Michael go down on several of my best friends. They love it. He loves it. You want to try it? I can see you’re horny. You haven’t been satisfied in a long, long time. Let the man’s mouth take you to heaven, sweetie.”

Anna gulped. Her nipples were poking through her t-shirt, indicating that her body was saying yes if her mind could wrap itself around the concept.

“You’re sure it’s OK?”

“As long as I’m there too, if you don’t mind,” Stacia answered.

After a long pause Anna nodded.

We got up from the table and went to our bedroom. Stacia pulled our Pleasure Pad from under the bed. Anna just stood there, looking unsure what to do.

“Take off your clothes, Anna,” Stacia told her.

Anna looked at Stacia as she slowly undressed. Her little body was so tight I couldn’t believe it. She had a legitimate six pack and no fat on her hips, so you could see the muscle of her obliques. As she pulled her thong down her completely shaven pussy came into view. It was beautiful. Her inner lips were longer than Stacia’s, protruding from the rest of her cunt as she stood there. Her breasts were little more than a handful, with small areolas and little nips. With her pixie face, shaved beaver, and little boobies, you’d think she was a little girl, except for that whole hard body thing. She was sexy, and in a way very different from Stacia, who was all softness and curves, everything luscious and mouth watering.

Anna just stood there, naked. She looked at us. 

“Get on the pad,” I told her. “I’ll adjust it for you. You’re very beautiful, Anna.”

“Thank you,” she said, meekly. 

When Anna laid down and was strapped in, her pretty little pussy completely exposed to me, I undressed down to my underwear. Stacia sat in a chair so she had a good view.

I began kissing Anna’s strong legs, slowly working my hands down to her crotch as my lips followed. I massaged her pussy, lightly stroking all around it, then rubbing it. I slid a finger up her slit and felt that she was already dripping wet with anticipation. Her flower opened to me as I laid down to get my face over her quim.

“Please, oh please lick me,” Anna begged.

I began teasing all around her shaved outer lips, running my tongue between her outer and inner folds. Stacia smiled, knowing exactly what her friend was feeling. I sucked at her pussy, below the clit, my mouth right over her entrance, and then I tasted her, lapping at her opening to savor her unique flavor.
Anna was lightly rubbing her own breasts as her lust built up. 

Stacia stood up. “Do you want me to rub your titties, Anna?” Stacia asked.

“Yes, ma’am. Please rub my titties.” 

Stacia slid off her own clothes. She had been braless so her tits were naked, and such a contrast to Anna’s small, pale boobs with their little nipples. Stacia reached out and started lightly rubbing, then kneading Anna’s breasts. She pulled lightly on Anna’s nipples, and finally decided to suck them.
As Stacia’s lips lowered onto Anna’s nipples, Anna started rubbing Stacia’s head and back. I was feasting on her little quim, enjoying every suck and tongue stroke of this beautiful girl’s delightfully responsive pussy.
“May I suck your nipples?” Anna asked, panting out the words.

Stacia moved up so her long, stiff nipples were available to Anna’s mouth. Anna suckled them like some cross between a small child and a lesbian whore.

I found the spot that I believed would get Anna off and started tonguing her clit with the intention of giving her a mind-boggling orgasm. She was screaming around Stacia’s breast, clutching at her back and pulling her tit into her mouth as her body went stiff with orgasm. I backed off and she released Stacia’s nipple just long enough to say, “More, please. More.” Then she took Stacia’s other nipple into her mouth and began sucking. I dove back between her legs and resumed eating her pussy as she came over and over.

Finally, when her body went limp, I kissed her pussy and pulled away. Anna just laid on the pad, legs in the air, supported by the straps, arms outstretched catching her breath.

“Stacia,” I said, “can I talk to you for a minute in the hall.”

We went into the hall and I said, “Honey, your friend is a submissive. She needs to be treated like a subbie.”

“What?” Stacia asked. “What do you mean?”

“Did you see when she got undressed? She was waiting for an order. Did you hear how she asked me to eat her pussy? Did you hear the way she answered you ‘yes, ma’am’ and how she asked if she could suck on your boobs? She’s a submissive. It’s what gets her off.”

“No shit?” Stacia said. “Let’s check it out. Dominate her.”

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