Monday, January 2, 2012

A Sample of "My Ex-Girlfriend's Daughter"

Later that evening I was sitting next to my pool, having a beer and enjoying the sunset. I practically jumped out of my skin when my doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I was wearing a t-shirt and my swim trunks. I’d gone for a dip in the pool after working out after work. I was in a good place! There were some parts of being single that sucked, like rarely getting laid, but there was peacefulness in the solitude. I was enjoying that peacefulness on this particular night.

Reluctantly, and after debating whether to do it or not, I went to answer the door.

I swung the door open and my jaw must’ve bounced off of my chest. I don’t know how long I stood there, mouth open, with a stunned and stupid expression on my face, but I guarantee it was too long.
Jeanie was standing there. This time there was no ill-fitting, yet professional business suit. This time there was a spandex top, like a workout top, over a very nice set of perky breasts with very obvious nipples poking through it. Her stomach was bare, nicely tanned, and tight. She had a thin waist that flared out to nice hips. She was wearing black spandex shorts and had gorgeous bare legs. She’d obviously continued with her sports though high school because her body was very athletic. This was one extremely hot young woman.

Now it was my turn to be shy and stilted.

“Jeanie…” I finally said as she stood there smiling up at my reaction to her outfit. “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in, Rick?” I think she wanted to sound more mature than she did as she tried speaking to me adult to adult for the first time.

“Sure. Sure,” I said, “come in and sit down. I was just sitting out by the pool. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Soda?” she asked, walking through the living room toward the pool.

“I have diet,” I said, my voice croaking as I tried not to gawk at her tight little butt in those spandex pants.

“Great,” she said.

We sat across the table from each other. I didn’t know what to say. Why was she at my house?

“What’s going on?” I asked. “What brings you to my house? Is your mom OK?”

“Mom’s fine,” she said. “I wanted to talk to you about something. Something personal.”

Our relationship wasn’t really at that place. I sort of knew a fourteen and fifteen-year-old girl, but I hadn’t had any contact with this woman sitting in front of me for years. But, if she needed some fatherly advice and didn’t think she could trust her step-father, I’d do what I could.

“Something you can’t talk to your mom about,” I said, assuming what my role was.

Jeanie laughed. “Yeah… You could say that.”

“So… What’s up?”

“Well,” she said, “I kind of need a favor and I think you are the right person to help.”

“I can try, but you need to tell me what it is,” I told her.

“Geez,” she said, “I didn’t think I’d get shy about this. I’ve been thinking about it for months. In fact, I didn’t really come to your office today for a job. I really came to see you again, to see if you were still the handsome man I remembered.”

I was flattered. But I was also confused.

“You don’t want a job?” I asked.

“Oh, I’ll still take a job,” she said. “I actually have one now but it sucks. I’m waitressing. I’d be happy to do something better than that. What I’m saying is that a job wasn’t really my main purpose. It was to see you again.”

“OK,” I said, still confused. “What’s the favor?”

She moved her chair so she wasn’t sitting across the table from me, but right in front of me, so I could see her entire body.

“Before I ask for the favor, let me give you some background on why I ask,” she said. Now she seemed a little shy again. “When you were dating Mom, you slept over sometimes.”

“Yes,” I acknowledged the fact of it, while hoping I hadn’t done something to scar this young woman.

“Well, I’d hear you making love,” she said. She smiled. “I’d hear my mom moaning and crying out. Then I’d hear the sound of the bed moving and I’d hear her moaning, practically screaming as she had orgasms.”

“Oh shit,” I said. “I’m so sorry.”

She reached out and touched my hand. “Don’t be sorry,” she said, her big eyes looking into mine. “It was great. I knew what sex was by then, and I was happy that my mom was enjoying herself so much. Good for her!”

Where was this going?

“Then, several months ago, mom and Doug had a fight. She’d been drinking and she was getting a little nasty. You know how she is. It’s no doubt why you two broke up.”

I was surprised at the girl’s insight.

“Anyway, my mom yelled at Doug and she said, ‘I haven’t had a decent orgasm since I broke up with Rick.’”

“Oh, shit!” I said. Poor fucking Doug. That had to sting.

“Anyway, Doug went to bed, pissed, of course. But Mom came and sat with me. She was still drinking and now she got into one of her sappy moods. She stayed on the theme of what a great lover you are, telling me that she’s never had stronger orgasms than the ones you gave her when you went down on her. She said you should teach a class to clumsy bastards like Doug.”

Still not knowing where this was headed, I took a guess. “Do you want me to give Doug a class on how to properly satisfy your mother sexually?”

This time she laughed out loud. “No, silly. That conversation and the memory of her screaming out in orgasms got me thinking. I’ve never had a decent lover. I don’t even know what it feels like to have a great orgasm. All the boys I’ve been with are so clumsy and awkward. They feel my boobs because they like the feel of boobs, not because they want to get me excited. They finger my cunny to feel the warmth and wetness, or to see if I’m wet enough to fuck, not to get me off. A few have licked me there, but they had no clue what to do. And even the ones who weren’t just using me basically forgot I was there while they pounded their dicks into me. They got off, but I didn’t. It felt good, but it had nothing in common with what I heard from my mother when you were making love to her.”

I’m sure I looked the fool, sitting there like a mouth breather with my jaw slack, my head swimming with what this girl was saying to me. She sure wasn’t this talkative in my office.

“So… What’s the favor?” I asked.

“I want you to make love to me. Or at least eat me so I can feel what it means to have a real man give me a great orgasm.” The first part was obviously practiced. I think she threw in the second part on the spur of the moment.

I noticed that her nipples grew more erect as she said it. I also noticed my cock was growing more erect. But, there was no fucking way. I was literally old enough to be her father. I’d kicked soccer balls around with her at the park. I’d driven her to her first dance as a freshman in high school. (Her mom and I then went back to her house and fucked like animals until it was time to pick her up. That was at the beginning of our relationship and we did have a strong sexual attraction.)

“I…” I stammered, “I can’t do that, Jeanie. I’m too old for you. And what if your mother found out? She’d kill me. It’s just a bad idea.”

Jeanie pouted, then came back with an argument in favor of her plan, “You’re sweet, Rick. But I really want this. How will I ever know if a guy is good in bed if I don’t have a standard. I’m eighteen-years-old and I don’t even know what a real orgasm feels like. I mean, I’ve gotten myself off and that’s nice. But I know it’s nothing like what it is to have someone else do it for you.”

She was right about that.

“I can’t,” I said. “It just feels wrong.” I took a long pull on my beer.

Jeanie sat silently for a minute or two. I could see her mind working, trying to find something that would make me change my mind. I was just trying not to think about what she’d asked because my cock was getting hard no matter what I was saying. I actually rested my beer bottle on my cock to press down on it and try to get it to keep from growing.

Suddenly, Jeanie stood and whipped off her top, and then slid those tight shorts off. She was standing in front of me nude. And she was gorgeous. Her breasts were full and firm, but not too large. Her areolas were small and her nipples were sexy little hard nubs pointed slightly up on her breasts. Her curves were definitely womanly, but with that eroticism that nature gave to young girls in the prime of their reproductive years. Her pussy was shaved nearly bald, with just a little patch above her crack that differentiated the mature pussy from the pre-pubescent pussy that was a no-no.

She spread her legs slightly and with one hand on her hip the other reached down and gently rubbed her pussy. She looked me in the eye and said, “Are you sure?”

All at once the logic of her argument made perfect sense. Of course this beautiful young woman had a right to know what it was like to be well eaten by a man that knows what he’s doing! She needed to experience a real orgasm so that she could differentiate a good lover from a bad one. Perhaps she could even learn from me and teach future boyfriends proper technique. It all made sense. What had I been thinking?

She turned and walked through the open sliding glass door toward my couch, her exquisite little ripe ass swaying as she walked. I stood and followed as though she was pulling me with a rope.
She laid on the couch and spread her legs, giving me a view of her lovely little pussy. She was gorgeous lying there, naked, with those beautiful firm breasts and narrow waist and strong muscular legs extending from that sexy place between them.

Almost as if I was in a trance, I pulled off my shirt, and knelt on the floor. Jeanie laid back and spread her legs wider as I bent down between them, feeling her smooth legs and firm ass as I reached out for her and pulled myself down into the heaven that awaited me between her legs. 

Her scent was fresh and subtle. I looked at her gorgeous pussy with its tight outer lips and slightly protruding inner folds. Her excitement had her flower opening slightly before I even touched her and I could see the pink at her opening. 

I bent my head down and kissed her mound. I kissed all around her pussy, then gently stuck out my tongue and lightly licked her. She moaned. I licked harder around the outside of her pussy and beneath it, teasing her. Then I ran my tongue between the outer and inner lips, enjoying the smooth skin and the taste it. I ran my tongue up her slit, from below her pussy, into her so I could fully taste her juices, and then back out and up over her clit. 

“Oh, shit…” she sighed.

I sucked gently on her inner lips, then started flicking my tongue up her crack until I was at her clit. I circled it with my tongue, not licking it directly. She began bucking her hips. I started taking long licks from her vagina to the top of her clit. Her breathing became irregular, with sharp intakes as my tongue crossed her clit, and slow exhales as I moved my tongue back down.

Taking her firm ass cheeks in hand, I zeroed in to bring her off. I started sucking at her clit and flicking it with my tongue. I explored with different amounts of suction and pressure with my tongue. I stroked her clit up and down, side to side, flicking it very lightly on the tip, or taking long licks over the whole thing. I stuck my tongue up her twat, then licked my way back up to her clit. Finally, when I found the thing that would get her off I did that exclusively. She started squirming and thrusting her pelvis at me. Her moans grew louder. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and held my head, breathlessly saying, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. For God’s sake, don’t stop…” 

With a loud roar coming from somewhere deep inside of her, she climaxed. Her body went stiff, and thrust up at me so the only parts of her touching the couch were her shoulder blades and her heels.
She relaxed and let her body back down onto the couch. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was like she’d just finished running a long sprint.

I was gently kissing her inner thighs and occasionally her pussy. She pulled me up so my torso was on top of her. I took advantage of the opportunity as I slid up her body to feel and kiss her breasts. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard and passionately. It didn’t feel as strange to me as I thought it might, but then, I’d just eaten her pussy so kissing her lips should not feel so odd. I didn’t know if it was the first time she’d tasted herself on a man’s mouth or not. She did seem to like it as she licked and sucked on my lips. I have to say, the girl was a better kisser than her mother.


  1. I just saw your Twitter request for followers ... I followed immediately as I follow GPWriter... and All I can say is WOW. I love your writing and I can picture everything ... and I'm aroused as I picture eating out this lovely young lady... I'll be following you here as well... Very nicely done :)

  2. Not all my writing is erotic - but if you are interested I have a blog as well - check it out :)

  3. thank you bajanpoet! I will bookmark your blog. I'm a fan of poetry. Done well it's beautiful. Done badly, it's a rap song. :)

    1. ROFL "Done well it's beautiful. Done badly, it's a rap song." that is horrible hahahahha Well I hope you enjoy my work. Please comment :)

      And no ... none of it is rap LOL