Friday, January 13, 2012

Sample of: "My Ex-Girlfriend's Daughter"

It was Saturday and I had nothing to do. I read the paper and had coffee. I was distracted, still trying to wrap my head around the night before. One part of me felt like I might’ve done something wrong. Another part of me couldn’t wait to do it again, and hoped like hell I’d get the chance. 

Around noon I was taking a dip in the pool and the back gate opened. Jeanie walked through it, carrying a towel and wearing a very small and revealing bikini.

“Hi,” I said. 

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said with a smile. “I knocked, but you didn’t answer. I thought you might be in the pool.”

The war within my head was on. Did her mom know where she was? Did my neighbors see a sexy young girl in a bikini coming to my house? Should I be entertaining a sexy young girl in a bikini?
Fuck it. I just wanted to kiss her again. I wanted to suck those pert little tits and lick and suck that incredibly sexy little cunt. 

“Are you happy to see me?” she asked.

I nodded my head, laughing to myself. “Yes,” I said. “I shouldn’t be, but I definitely am.”

She walked over to where I was standing and bent down. “Thank you for last night,” she said, bending to kiss me. “I never dreamed anything could feel so good.”

We played in the water a little bit, then laid in the sun.

“Can I ask you another favor?” she said after a while.

“You want to make love to me,” I again expressed my assumption of what was on her mind.

She smiled. “Yes, but that wasn’t what I was going to ask.”

“Sorry,” I said. “What can I do?”

“Teach me how to suck cock,” she said with a smile. “I really want to give you oral pleasure like you gave me. And besides, guys my age cum in about two minutes no matter what you do to their dicks. I have no idea if I’m good at it or not. I really want to be. I want to be a lover like you are… I want to give real pleasure to my partner.” She smiled again as she got up from her lounge chair knelt beside mine, reaching out to feel my hardening cock. “The other thing is, I want to feel your nice cock in my hand, and in my mouth, and in my tight, young, pussy.”

By the time she finished that statement I was at full staff. She was gripping my hard cock through my swimming suit and breathing heavily.

I eagerly got up and brought her back into the house, to the couch. Before I sat down, she slid my trunks down and my hard cock sprung out in front of her. She wrapped her warm little hand around it and cooed like a dove. “It’s so sexy,” she said.

I sat back on the couch and spread my legs. She got on her knees in front of me. 

“Take off your top,” I instructed. She did and I reached out to feel her firm breasts. “You can use these too,” I told her. 

“To titty fuck?” she asked.

“That, and other things. I’ll show you…”

Her little hand was holding my cock, pulling up and down. Her grip was too tight, and I told her how much pressure to use when she was masturbating a dry cock, and how light her touch had to be when caressing it so she gave pleasure and didn’t stretch the skin.

She bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I told her to hold it there and run her tongue all around the crown. I had her pull off and I showed her where my cock was the most sensitive, the crown, beneath the crown, down the underside, and especially the little nerve bundle called the frenulum just below the head on the underside. I had her gently flick those areas with her tongue.

As she was working the frenulum, using my instruction to lick it like I was licking her clit the previous night, pre-cum built up at the tip of my cock. She saw it and licked it up. “Hmmm…” she moaned.
I had her take my cock deeper into her mouth, putting pressure on it with her lips and working it with her tongue at the same time. Then I showed her how to use her hand to slide up and down the cock along with her mouth to stimulate the entire length of the cock while she just sucked the part she could comfortably and enjoyably get into her mouth. I had her suck me slow with light pressure, and then faster. I had her adjust her pressure, telling her that different speeds and pressures were pleasurable.
As reluctant as I was to have her mouth leave my cock, I told her to lick my balls. Her little tongue felt fabulous as she flicked gently at my scrotum.

“Tell me about using my tits,” she said.

First I showed her how she could gently rub her breasts on my inner thighs and balls. The warm, soft flesh felt great gently touching my sensitive skin. Then I showed her how she could suck on my cock to get it nice and wet and slippery, then wrap her soft breasts around it and masturbate me with her tits, or let me fuck them. It was a good way to keep giving me pleasure while taking a break from sucking if she needed one. 

“Now I want to make you cum,” she said. “I want to swallow your cum.”

She used all of her lessons to give me an extraordinarily fine blowjob. I told her as my body gave her signals to that would let her know when she was doing something she should continue. She got in a perfect rhythm with her mouth sliding up and down my cock, and her hand working in precise coordination with it. My cock started growing even harder and bigger. Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at me. It was incredibly sexy to see her sexy young lips wrapped around my hard phallus and her beautiful big eyes meeting mine as she sucked on it. I put my hands on her head, feeling her silky brown hair. I tried not to thrust, keeping her in complete control, but as my orgasm overwhelmed me I couldn’t help but thrust my hips up as my dick released shot after shot of hot jism into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and seemed to have a little quiver run through her body like she was having a little orgasm too. She definitely had the most important part of being a great cocksucker down… She seemed to love doing it.

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