Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Sample of My New Work-in-Progress

Barry opened his eyes as he felt a hand caressing his cock. His arms were wrapped around someone, but he was too groggy to think of who it was. Suddenly he realized that he was spooning Megan, holding one of her pert breasts in his hand. At first he almost jumped away, thinking he was doing something wrong, but her hand on his cock, rubbing it between her already wet pussy lips let him know that it was probably OK. She guided the head of his cock into her cunt and he thrust slowly into her.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Megan whispered. “Just do me nice and slow.”

Barry began pushing his prick slowly in and out of Megan’s tight twat. It felt fantastic, as did the firm breast and erect nipple in his hand. He could feel her lips clutching at the head of his cock as he drew it nearly all the way out of her slick sheath, and then the warmth and wetness of her insides as he gently slid it back in.

Barry could hear Jill softly snoring behind him. He knew the wine and the orgasms would make it a late morning for her. He pulled Megan’s body more tightly to him and continued their gentle, sensual morning fuck.

As he felt his orgasm building, he reached down and started rubbing Megan’s clit. He also got his lips on her earlobe and gently suckled it. Megan quivered. Her body then went stiff and she muffled the groan of her orgasm with her arm so she wouldn’t wake Jill. Barry started fucking her harder and Megan felt his cock getting larger inside of her. The feeling of the growing prick in her pussy, along with the excellent stroking of her pleasure nub brought her to another orgasm just before Barry pushed deep inside of her and started spewing his cum into her cunt again. She heard his breath catch and the stifled groan in her ear as he felt him jam his cock as deeply into her as he could while he came.

She rolled over and kissed him sweetly. “Thank you,” she said. “I love a slow fuck in the morning.”

“I’d better rekindle this fire,” Barry said. He crawled, bare-assed naked to the fireplace and set about getting the embers to catch new logs on fire. 

Megan had cuddled behind Jill to keep warm. 

Barry got up and hustled to the bathroom to take a morning piss, which isn’t easy after a morning fuck when your dick is still half hard. It took him a while to deflate his cock and control his stream.

When he got back Megan was feeling Jill’s tits and sucking on her ear. Jill rolled over.

“Oh God,” Jill said. “I was sort of hoping that last night was a dream. Or at least that we could pretend it didn’t happen.”

“Why would we do that?” Megan looked at her. “This could be a fantastic weekend.”

“I’m just usually not like that,” Jill said. “I love sex, but I’ve never done a threesome. And you’re my step-daughter, for God’s sake!”

“It was only for a little while,” Megan said. “Now we’re both adults… We’re all adults. I think you and Barry are incredibly sexy and we should have a great weekend, now that the ice has been broken, so to speak.” She laughed. Then she took Jill’s nipple into her mouth.

Barry wasted no time getting between Jill’s legs and eating her succulent pussy. She was the only one who hadn’t cum yet this morning.

Jill surrendered. Her reluctance to continue the adventure of the night before vanished under the feeling of Barry’s expert tongue on her clitoris, and Megan’s soft lips tugging at her nipples. Before long, she joined the team and started her day with an orgasm.

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