Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sample of: "Volleyball Girls' Butts"

Amy walked right up to Ron, invading his personal space. She did it with seductive swagger, though, so he wasn’t sure whether he should be intimidated or turned on. Amy, in her heels, was taller than his six-feet by a couple of inches. It felt like more, given the way she carried herself.

“What is it you like about our games?” she asked, her face close enough to his that he could smell her breath.

“Well… You play great volleyball. I love the game.” Ron backed up a step. Amy followed.


“And I think you’re a great team.” Ron was starting to perspire.

“And…” Amy said, louder.

“And…” Ron was flustered. “I don’t know. Shit. What do you want me to say? Why are you interrogating me? I’m a fan of your team.”

“Jesus. Why don’t you just admit it?” Amy seemed angry and frustrated. “You want to fuck our asses, don’t you? Admit it. You come to our games, get turned on by all these hot athletic asses, then go home and jerk off. You want to fuck us.”

Ron was shocked. He couldn’t say the truth, which was that Amy was goddamned right. He did get hard watching them play. He did go home and jerk off thinking what they’d look like naked. He’d give anything to shove his hard prick in Amy’s asshole. That tight, round, big ass… Yeah, he wanted to fuck her. 

But, he also really loved the game. He really was a fan of the sport, and of the girls as athletes. He tried to think of himself that way, not as the guy who wished Brittany played nude.

“No!” He protested. “I like the game! You ladies are beautiful, but that’s not why I come.”

“Turn around, Ron,” Amy instructed. “Brittany…” She looked at Brittany.

Brittany stood up and lifted her skirt. Her bare ass was four feet from Ron’s eyes. It was gorgeous. More beautiful than he’d imagined. The skin looked flawless and soft. The curve of her ass cheeks was perfect and her little ass crack was slightly open. He could see a glimpse of her pussy protruding below her ass, between her strong, muscular legs.

Amy put her hands on his shoulders. “You’re telling me you’re such a pussy that you don’t get hard looking at that ass?”

Ron was hard alright. “Um… No. That’s a gorgeous ass. Very exciting.”

“You want to fuck that ass?” She breathed the words into his ear, not so much sensually as in the way the snake in the Garden of Eden must’ve sounded. Her hands moved down onto his upper arms.

“I… Um… I don’t…” he stammered.

Amy yanked his arms back and held them in her strong grip. Ron felt handcuffs being placed on his wrists.

“What the fuck?”

“Don’t worry,” Amy said. “I think you’re gonna like this.”

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