Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sample of: "What Happens In Vegas Stays... On the Highlight Reel

“You know,” a tipsy Ilene said, “I always thought you were really hot.”

“No kidding? I didn’t know you looked at me that way at all. I figured I was more of a big brotherly friend and even more of a taxi driver.”

“Oh no,” she said. She leaned closer to me. “Want to hear a secret?”

“Of course,” I said.

“I used to listen to you while you were jerking off.”

I turned red. “What?”

“I could hear you pounding your pud,” she said. “I’d press my ear to the wall and listen. Sometimes I’d even stand outside of your door and finger myself while I heard you make yourself cum.”

I took a slug off of the beer I had ordered to chase the shots.

She put her hand on my knee. “Remember June, my best friend?”

How could I forget June, the early bloomer with the huge breasts and gorgeous face? She looked like she was a college senior when she was a high school sophomore. I nodded that I remembered her.

“She and I watched you jack off through your window a few times. Your cock looked so big and it was such a thrill to watch it spurt your cum onto your chest, and see your face as you climaxed.”

“When was this?” I asked. “How old were you?”

“It was when you were seventeen and eighteen. We were fifteen and sixteen. We actually did it every time she slept over. Then we’d go back to my room and frig our little pussies thinking about it.”

Her hand moved up my leg as she threw back a big swallow of her drink. Al just watched and smiled.

“Remember when you came home from college my senior year in high school? I was thinking of trying to seduce you. I wanted to suck and fuck your nice cock. But you were spending all of your time with that slut Rhonda.”

I smiled at the memory. My parents worked while I was home on winter break and Rhonda, a girlfriend from high school, came over and fucked my brains out every day.

“Remember the night Mom and Dad went to the Peterson’s Christmas party? They were gone until like two in the morning. You had Rhonda over and you two fucked yourselves silly. I listened to the whole thing outside of your bedroom door. I was surprised you didn’t hear me out there, moaning as I masturbated, but you were too busy pounding into Rhonda.

“You came and rolled over, and must’ve fallen asleep. Rhonda grabbed her clothes and was headed out and she caught me in the hall with my fingers still buried in my pussy. 

“Did you know that Rhonda liked girls?”

“No,” I said. “No I did not.”

“Well, she does,” Ilene smiled. “I know because she took my hand and led me back to my bedroom. She knew I’d been listening to you two fucking. She asked if I wanted to taste your cream. I was terrified, but still turned on. She said you’d cum on her tits when she sucked your nice cock, and put a nipple up to my mouth. I licked her tits and sucked on that nipple the way I wanted to suck your cock. Then she had me lay down on the bed and she straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I could smell your cum on her pussy. I stuck out my tongue and started licking. June and I had never touched each other when we fingered ourselves together, so that was my first taste of pussy. I licked at her hole, trying to suck out all of your cum. She lowered her head and ate my pussy. The first time I had my pussy well and thoroughly eaten was by your slutty girlfriend Rhonda.”

Her hand moved up and grabbed my cock. 

“We’re not related, you know,” she said, rubbing my hard cock through my pants. “And I’d still like to suck and fuck this nice big cock of yours.”

I swallowed hard. What was I going to say? That I wasn’t into it? The hard cock she was stroking was evidence enough that I was. The fact I hadn’t stopped her from grabbing it in the first place was more evidence still. And, the intense desire to eat her pussy until she screamed was the clincher. 

Al smiled and said, “Your room or ours?”

“Yours,” I croaked as Ilene sucked gently at my earlobe.

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