Monday, January 9, 2012

What Do You Think: The Question of M on M Sex In Erotica

Here're a couple of questions I'd love to have answered:

Clearly, most people (men and women) seem to enjoy girl-on-girl sex scenes. What do you think of guy-on-guy sex scenes? I'm not talking about in the context of a story based on gay men, but, for example, in my How I Became A Swinger, A Love Story I have a scene where Stacia wants to watch Michael give a blow job. And, since she knows he also has intense orgasms when she stimulates his ass, she wants to see him receive anal from a guy. (This all takes place in the context of a swinger party/orgy). Is that something that turns people on? Does it turn men on?

Personally, I'm turned on by guy-on-guy sex in fantasies--in erotic stories. In real life, when I've had the opportunity to engage in it, it hasn't shown up as a turn-on for me, though. Maybe it's the reality of the real man being there, and I'm just not excited by masculine bodies. I am excited by the thought of it, but when the whole of it (including the masculine skin, the masculine scent, the look of the actual phallus) is in front of me, I'm not interested.

How about women? Do you enjoy guy-on-guy scenes in erotica? In a MFM scene, would you be turned on or turned off if the guys were bi?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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