Tuesday, February 28, 2012

True Story

Several years ago, when I was single (still am, but there have been interludes of not being single) I found myself horny as hell and without prospect of relief. Sick and tired of my own right hand, tired of lubing myself up, and prior to the invention of the "Fleshlight", I decided that what I needed was a trip to a rub and tug. I needed to get off, and I didn't care if it was by someone else's hand, or by another body part. I just didn't want to be a do-it-yourselfer on that particular day.

I was not someone who frequented "massage" parlors, or sought the services of ladies of the evening. However, I knew where they were, because I knew the city. I drove to the part of town where I knew such a place could be found and pulled up to the business establishment promising Chinese Massage. I've always fancied Asian women (as well as caucasian women, women of African ancestry, Native American women, Middle Eastern women... OK... I just like women). And, who knew? Perhaps a Chinese Massage included a blowjob, not just a hand job.

I went in and was greeted by a mean little Chinese woman who seemed to be certain I was a cop. She acted like there was no business there. Seriously. I walked into her massage parlor and she asked, "What you want?" as though I'd just wandered into her living room. Hostile.

"Um... a massage."

She looked at me very skeptically. Perhaps she thought I meant I wanted to give her a massage and was wondering if she wanted one from me.

"You know..." I made a shoulder rubbing gesture, despite the fact that I was there for a something I could have easily depicted with another, one handed gesture.

After studying me some more, she said, "Go there" and pointed to a door.

Was that where some Bruce Lee wannabe was waiting to kick my ass and take my money? She sure acted like she didn't really want me there.

I went through the door and I was in a fairly dark hall that smelled moist. I was all alone, and had no idea what to do. I just stood there thinking that my right hand, a Penthouse, and some baby oil didn't really sound like a bad night anymore.

In a few minutes that felt like an hour, another tiny little old woman came in. She pointed to the back and said, "Shower." That explained the moisture.

I went to the back, disrobed, and took a shower in a wood paneled shower room. It was musty, there was no soap, and I did not feel clean afterward. I also hadn't thought that there was no towel offered to me, and I failed to bring my own. Rookie.

An arm came through the shower door as I stood there regretting being in that place, and it held a towel. To my relief, it wasn't the arm of an old woman. It was small, but the skin was youthful. At least there was someone there under 80 that might be responsible for the massage.

I dried myself, then wrapped a the towel around my waist. I stepped out of the shower room and there stood a petite little woman who was cute as hell. She was tiny, though. Couldn't have been over 4' 10", with almost no breasts and a very small ass. She was dressed in a pair of tight black shorts and a form fitting tank top (which didn't have a hell of a lot to form to, but she sure had a cute face and long shiny black hair.

"Come," she said.

"I hope to," I said under my breath.

We walked to a room that had a bathtub in it, but also a massage table. She gave me a list of massages to choose from, which included an option of the girl bathing me. That explained the bathtub. I chose the baby powder massage.

I was lying face down on the massage table, hoping I'd actually get a decent massage out of the deal. Those old ladies had me tense. A good, relaxing massage would've been nice. Perhaps the little woman would walk on my back. They do that in China, right? Or is that a Japanese thing? Instead, I felt her pour some powder on my back and then her delicate little hands very gently rubbed my back. I'm not saying they massaged my back. My muscles remained untouched, but my skin was stroked. It was not the massage I hoped for, but it did bode fairly well for the jerking off for which I really came.

In what couldn't have been more than five minutes, she indicated I should roll over. I did so, my cock at about half staff making a lump under the towel that still covered me. Seeming to take no notice, the girl put baby powder on my torso and rubbed it, then on my legs and rubbed them. Another five minutes, which produced a firmer erection as she stroked my upper thighs, and she indicated she was done.

"What about..." I pointed to my cock.

The girl looked astonished at the suggestion. She bolted from the room. I sat up, blood draining quickly from my dick as I heard loud talk in Chinese that didn't sound happy. Had I completely misunderstood this place? I was expecting the mean little old lady to come in with a stick and give me a beating very different from the one I wanted.

Instead,  two women came in. One was the little one who gave me the rub, the other was taller, with a far more mature and womanly figure. She had big boobs under a tube top, and a larger butt in tight pants. She wasn't nearly as pretty as the little one.

The big one took charge. She had me lay back down. She took the towel off of me, revealing my flaccid prick, it having gone soft as I prepared myself to run from the stick wielding old lady. The big one said something in Chinese to the little one as they looked down at my schmeckle. I'm guessing the little one said, "It looked bigger before, now it's all wimpy." The big one must've replied, "Don't worry, I can fix that." She took my hand grabbed the bottom of her tube top, opened it up, and put my hand on her breast. It was warm, and full, and soft. Unlike my dick, that got hot and hard almost immediately.

The big one then took my cock in hand, poured some oil on it, and began sliding her hand up and down my prick. She'd definitely done this before. Her hand was expert on my cock, applying just the right pressure, giving it a little turn at the top as she got to the head. I was kneading her breast. She didn't seem to give a shit.

The big one told the little one something and she wrapped her hand around my cock. The big one slid her hand up and down and the little one imitated her movements with her smaller hand below. Then the big one demonstrated the extra attention to the head and the little one practiced. It felt great to have two hands masturbating me at once. The double slide was heavenly, particularly as one played with the head and the other kept jerking the shaft.

The big one then took my hand from her breast and slid it up the little one's shirt. There really were no boobies there to fondle. Little nipples to tweek, but nothing to knead. The little one looked embarrassed by her lack of tit. I took my hand away and slid it under her pant leg and started feeling her sexy little ass cheek. I moaned, not so much because it made me moan, but because I wanted her to know she had a body part that could also arouse a man.

While I laid there, fondling the tiny ass of the little one, both women continued jacking me off. The little one now took the top position, jerking off the top half of my cock, and playing with the head. The big one jerked the bottom half of my cock and occasionally gave my balls a quick tickle with her fingertips.

I enjoyed the feeling as long as I could, but soon my cock swelled even more, the head getting larger in the little one's hands. She said something in Chinese as she felt it expand and I started automatically thrusting my hips to drive my cock up into their hands. The big one told the little one what was going on. It was pretty delightful to see the little one's eyes get big as she watched my cock prepare to shoot it's load. The big one evidently coached the little one not to stop or slow down. They both kept at my cock until I groaned and shot my first spurt of cum onto my own chest. The little one giggled but kept whacking me off. My next few pumps of jism hit my belly, then I trickled cum over her hand as she held my cock, smiling at what she'd accomplished.

The big one, very business-like, took the little one away, indicating it was all done, and she showed her where to get a washcloth to wipe up my mess. The big one walked out of the room as the little one came over, smiling, and wiped my cum from my chest and stomach. She pointed to the shower and handed me another towel. I showered, got dressed, and walked out to see the old lady standing there, demanding payment. Fifty bucks for a shower I gave myself, a half-assed massage, but a double hand job. I couldn't complain. I gave her sixty indicating a tip for the girl and I left. When I went to bed that night I replayed the double hand job in my mind and beat off anyway, sixty bucks poorer, but a memory for the highlight reel richer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CrossFit Booty Sample

This is from the first actual sex between Matt and Ally. Do you think maybe my own fantasy about my real life CrossFit trainer was too obvious?

We dried ourselves as we walked. 

“Wait here,” she said and she disappeared into one of the rooms at the end of the hall. She came out with a comforter. “Let’s go into the living room. My room is an embarrassing mess right now.”

I followed her down the hall, gazing lustily at her ass. Her ass cheeks rode so high and tight that I could see her pussy and her crinkled little anus even when she was standing up.

She tossed the comforter on the floor in front of the couch, then closed the blinds. I spread the comforter on the floor, folded so there would be more padding.

She came back and melted into my arms. Her body felt nice against mine. I held her and stroked her back, the top of her head was under my chin. She looked up and smiled and I bent over and kissed her. She was receptive and immediately began licking and sucking my lips. 

She broke the kiss and said, “How do you want to do this?” She was clearly enthused about the idea of having her little asshole rimmed and didn’t want any more preliminaries.

“I have to tell you… What would really turn me on would be if I laid down and you did a squat down to my mouth.”

She giggled. “Why did I suspect that’s what you’d want?”

You have to understand how a squat looks when done correctly to fully understand. It’s not like someone going down into a catcher’s position. The first thing that someone who knows how to do a squat right does is get a nice arch in their low back, pushing their ass out and the pelvis down. Picture a woman standing so she emphasizes the shape of her ass. Then they lower themselves with their chest held up (proud chest) and their weight in their heels. They go all the way down so the hip crease is below the knee.  I can’t think of a better way to open up the ass and present the anus for a good tonguing.

I laid down on the comforter and she stood above me with her heels up by my arm pits. The view was fabulous from where I was. Her little pussy was excited and opening, showing me the pink between her lips. She rotated her pelvis back and lowered herself slowly, knowing it would drive me insane with lust to have that little asshole getting closer and closer. Naturally, her form was perfect. Her ass cheeks were spread wide. Her anus was a crinkled little patch of darker pink skin in the cleft between her buns.

When she got all the way down, I barely had to lift my head to run my tongue up her ass crack, starting just above her pussy and licking over her anus and tickling her cleft with my tongue. She moaned as my warm, wet tongue slid up her crack. I took another long lick, and then  placed my tongue over her little bung hole and licked at it like I was licking her clit. I pushed my tongue up her ass, and heard her moan long and loud.

She changed positions and got on her knees without taking her ass from my face. The way she was reacting to her first rimming told me I’d be there for a while. But I loved it. I lapped at her anus, then pushed my tongue as far up her ass as I could go. With my lips circling her asshole, I plunged my tongue up into her over and over. She tasted slightly sour, but clean and nice.

“Oh shit,” she said. “That feels so damn good. Oh God…” Her pussy was so wet I had her juices streaming down my chin.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is Sex Distinct From Love?

It's Valentine's Day, so I want to bring up a great question: Is sex distinct from love? Can it be?

We all know that when you love someone, when you have that emotional attachment and connection, that sex is part of it. Sometimes, we even mistake sexual desire for love. (OK, that happens far more often than we'd like to admit.) So we know that sex and love can go together. They can even enhance each other.

My theory is that sex and love are distinct elements of our experience, but they often get conflated in ways that don't necessarily work. Part of this is, of course, due to the fact that sex is precisely what leads to having children. You love someone, you want to build a family, the sex is how you do that and thus it is restricted to the one you love. It truly does not work well in modern society for men to be out spreading their seed into any receptive womb. Good stuff, perhaps, in a hunter/gatherer culture where children are raised at least semi-communally. Not so good when statistics show that a two parent home (and this includes two gay parents) generally (not always, but generally) has better outcomes for kids. Perhaps in the "building a family" years, it's a good idea to limit sexual congress to the person with whom you're building the family.

So, that's a window when the conflation of sex and love probably works well. What about prior to that (in the presence of birth control) and, more interestingly, after that? As a couple, you've had your family (the kids may or may not still be present in the home), you've handled the birth control issue so that, one way or another, more kids aren't going to be the result of the sex... Is the conflating of love and sex still something that works well? Or is it a societal convention, or even an emotional/mental/philosophical construct that really doesn't work well? No matter how great the sex is with the love of your life, is that the only person you ever want to have sex with again? What about more adventurous sex? A couple has a hell of a time giving the woman the experience of double penetration if that's what she wants (toys aren't the same, admit it) without a third partner. No matter how flexible your lover is, it's impossible for her to sit on your face and fuck you simultaneously.

What if you're single? Do you never get the experience of an orgasm induced by someone else until you fall in love? Fuck buddies are a great thing. Someone you know and whose company you enjoy, who is also in need of sexual expression... It's an awesome thing.

One of the things I like about swingers is that they've made the distinction between sex (physical gratification) and love. With the person they love, they engage in sexual play. They do it one on one, and they do it with others. To me, that seems healthy (assuming, of course, responsibility is taken for sexual health and birth control).

What do you think?

P.S. In my statement regarding the statistical preference for couples raising kids, I am not putting down single parents. I am a single parent with full custody of my son. I have to tell you, it would be easier with a partner, I'd be probably be making much more money if I had a partner (which again would make many things easier), and a second parent brings a different balance (hopefully positive) for the kid. Single parents can be, and probably mostly are, wonderful parents.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Michael and Stacia's first time, from "How I Became a Swinger, A Love Story"

I had a visable pre-cum stain on my khakis by the time we got to her bed. I leak copious amounts of pre-cum when I’m excited, but shoot relatively small loads of actual cum. I’m sure the two things are related.

Again, we began kissing passionately. She started reaching for my pants and felt the pre-cum wet spot. “Did you… Um…”

“No!” I said. “It’s just that I got so turned on at the restaurant, and in the parking lot and I… I leaked a lot of pre-cum.”

She rubbed the spot with a finger, and then ran that finger across my lips. She pulled my mouth to hers and tasted my lips. “Hmmm… that’s nice,” she said.

“You are so sexy,” was all I could say. 

I reached down for the hem of her dress and started pulling it up. She raised her arms as I unveiled her body to my lusty eyes. Her skin was so smooth. She looked almost like someone had Photoshopped all the flaws from her body. A few small, and very sexy moles were all the flaws her skin had, if you could call them flaws at all. Her legs were long, and looked strong. Her tummy was not six pack skinny, but it was thin and beautiful, with only a slight indication of a “pooch.” She had a two pack, like me, but it looked far sexier on her.

Her breasts were perfect. I know some guys only like natural breasts, but I am very turned on by a well done boob job as well as by natural breasts. Hers had been expertly enhanced, so they were pert, but didn’t look like someone had glued two half cantaloupes onto her chest. The shape was very natural. Her areolas were dark, and about the size of a fifty cent piece, which I love. And her nipples were thick and long. They were an incredible turn on.

I picked her up and placed her on her bed. Then I stripped out of my clothes, except my boxer briefs, as quickly as I could. I laid on top of her and we kissed again. I moved down and licked the bottoms of her breasts. Her breath caught. She liked that a lot. It’s a sensitive spot most guys miss. I only knew about it because I find that part of the breast so sexy and I had a girlfriend in college that actually came when I tickled that part of her breasts with my tongue.  I alternated back and forth between her breasts, feeling one as I tongued the bottom side of the other. Finally, I circled her areola with my tongue and circled her long nipple. She was humping up against me and pushing her chest up into my face. I finally took one of those gorgeous nipples into my mouth and sucked gently.

“Bite it…” she breathed. “Bite it gently…”

I took her nipple between my teeth and gently squeezed with my teeth as I flicked the tip with my tongue. At the same time I was very gently stroking her other breast. Then I switched. I could have sucked on her breasts for hours, but I was drawn by the scent of a pussy that was desperate to climax.

I kissed my way down her stomach, making a deliberate pause to kiss the sexy little mole near her belly button. I moved down past her crotch and kissed and licked her beautiful legs. They were so smooth. I then reached up and hooked my fingers in her thong and began to tug it down. She raised her ass off of the bed and let me reveal her beautiful pussy.

She was shaved except for a triangular landing strip just above her cleft. Her vagina was beautiful. Her inner lips protruded only slightly, and the inner pink skin was just peaking out at me. The hood of her clit was pulled just slightly back, revealing her little pearl. I just looked at it for a minute, then I reached up with one hand and gently stroked her around the outside of her pussy. When she started pushing up into my hand, I leaned down and began licking the area between her inner lips and her outer, tasting the slight saltiness. I kissed and gently sucked all around her slit. I took her inner lips between my lips and gently pulled. I loved her scent. I loved her flavor. I finally put my tongue into her and tasted her fully. I licked her from her taint (the area of skin between the asshole and pussy—“‘taint asshole and ‘taint pussy”) to her clit, and back, over and over. Then I began my exploration of what gave her the most pleasure, flicking her clit lightly, then harder. Sucking on her slit while tonguing her clit. Running my tongue up and down along the sides of her clit, and then running it side to side over it. 

The whole time Stacia was moaning, “Oh my… I can’t believe it. It feels so good. Oh, you’re driving me crazy. That’s so good.”

As I began concentrating on the thing I thought would get her off, sucking on her while flicking her clit directly but with gentle pressure, she was tossing her head side to side and pulling on her own nipples. After a few minutes her pelvis began to rise and I felt her stomach go hard. She started stroking my hair and gently pulling my face into her pussy. I was breathing easy, loving what I was doing, and would have been happy to be there for hours. Stacia stiffened and came with a shout. Not sure what she’d like, what kind of “cummer” she was, I slowed down and just gently sucked at her labia. 

She pulled me up so I was lying on top of her and she kissed me, licking her own juices from my lips and whispering, “Thank you. Thank you. That was so good…”

I held her as her breathing returned to normal, and then said, “I’d be happy to give you much more. Do you want another orgasm?”

She smiled at me. “That was the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm that way. My ex did it a few times for a few minutes when we were first dating, but he didn’t like it. And now I know that he was horrible at it.”

“What a fool,” I said. “I’ll eat you any time you want and as often as you want. You’re pussy is beautiful. Your scent is erotic. And you taste wonderful. I love how responsive you are.”

I was gently rubbing her nipples.

“You want to lick me some more?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Yes,” I said enthusiastically. “I love your pussy.”

“Michael… Will you lick my butt? I’ve always wanted to try that.”

This was something I hadn’t done in a while, but I loved it. In addition to loving to eat pussy, I’m an ass man. I find the whole butt to be sexy, including the asshole. 

“Roll over and put a pillow under your hips,” I said.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little piece of what I'm writing now...

“Now I need to cum!” Nancy announced. She took off her jeans and thong and laid back on the couch with her legs spread. “Eat my pussy, lover.”

Mary and Steve both stared with their mouths open. I don’t think either expected to see Nancy’s pussy, and I’m certain they didn’t expect to see her quim totally shaved bald.

“Is Steve good at eating pussy?” She directed the question to Mary.

Mary shook herself out of her trance as she watched me crawl between my wife’s spread legs.

“He doesn’t do it much.”

“Good lord,” I said. “You can’t expect her to love jacking your cock and sucking you off if you’re not just as in love with eating her pussy as you want her to be with your cock.”

“Yeah!” Mary said. She stripped her pants and underwear off and laid next to Nancy on the couch. Mary’s twat was covered with thick curly black hair. You could barely see her slit for the forest surrounding it.

I looked at Nancy and our eyes communicated something that we’d never discussed verbally. Not that we’d discussed her jacking off my friend while teaching his wife to give me a great handjob. We both knew though, that Mary and Steve would both really appreciate it if I shaved Mary’s pussy for her, like I often shaved Nancy’s, so that Steve could enjoy the pleasure of giving head to a woman with nice smooth pussy lips and not getting hair stuck on his tongue. More skin is better for both pussy eating and cock sucking.

I got up and held my hand out to Mary. “Let’s see if we can make this even more pleasurable for both of you,” I said. She took my hand and I grabbed the baby oil and led her to the bathroom.

I had her sit on the edge of the tub with her legs spread for me. I used a pair of scissors to trim her thick bush back, and then put a warm washcloth on it.

“I liked my masturbation lesson,” she said shyly. 

“You were incredible,” I told her. “You’re a fast learner.”

“I’ve never wanted to suck a cock so badly. It was all I could do not to take your head into my mouth when you started cumming. I’ve never even done that for Steve.”

“You’ve crossed a barrier,” I told her. “Playing with my cock like that got you interested in it, really liking it. To be a really great lover you need to be interested in your lover’s sex organs, and to love giving them pleasure. That’s what makes Nancy so good. She loves having my cock in her hand, or in her mouth. She loves it when she makes me shoot my load. It gives her great satisfaction.”

I went to work shaving my good friend’s wife’s pussy. As the hair slowly got removed, a nice plump little pussy was revealed, with sexy inner lips and a fantastically arousing clitoral hood. Her vagina opened for me in her excitement and I could smell her musky, womanly scent.

In the other room I could hear Nancy, “… That’s good. Now long strokes from my hole to my clit. Yes. Oh that’s good.  OK. Now put your lips around my clit. Right there. Nice. Flick it gently but fast…”

Steve was feasting on my greatest treasure, my wife’s pussy. I wasn’t even jealous. It excited me that he was learning how to eat pussy and that my wife was teaching him. I love eating pussy and have spent hours with my face between her legs, experimenting with what gets her off and learning from her reactions and instruction. It was cool that he was benefitting from that, and that Nancy was going to get to cum. Besides that, I was about to eat Mary like she’d never been eaten before, and I was really looking forward to eating the first pussy other than Nancy’s that I’d licked in years.

After I gently shaved Mary clean, except for a little landing strip above her slit, I brought her back to the couch. Nancy was pulling her own nipples while Steve had his face planted between his legs, listening to her instructions.

Mary laid back and spread her legs for me. I nudged Steve and he looked up, then saw his wife’s newly shaved cunt. 

“That is hot!” he said. Nancy pulled his head back to her pussy.

I got between Mary’s legs and, in order to demonstrate exactly why a shaved pussy is better than a hairy pussy, I started  licking and sucking the skin around the outside of her pussy that hadn’t been bare since she reached puberty. She moaned as I licked all around her twat, then ran my tongue between the outer and inner lips.

“Oh my God, that’s so good.”

I dipped my tongue into her sex and tasted her. I ran my tongue up her slit and circled her clit. She grabbed my head and held it as I explored different techniques of licking her and gauged her reactions.
Next to us, Nancy said, “Right there. Yes. That’s just right. Don’t. Fucking. Stop. You’re making me cum…” Her body went stiff and she pumped her pussy up into Steve’s face. He held on and kept licking like a champ until she pushed his head away from her sensitive cunt.

I found the right spot and pressure to bring Mary off. She grabbed my head and moaned. As she climaxed she pulled my hair and squeezed my head between her thighs. She held my head in place, relaxing her thigh vise, so I kept going and she came again before collapsing back in exhaustion. 

Nancy and I got dressed and left. As we said goodbye to the horny couple, Steve was just about to slide his cock into his wife. We went home and did the same thing. It really turned both of us on to have Nancy educating another woman on how to please a cock, and I loved taking part.