Monday, February 6, 2012

Michael and Stacia's first time, from "How I Became a Swinger, A Love Story"

I had a visable pre-cum stain on my khakis by the time we got to her bed. I leak copious amounts of pre-cum when I’m excited, but shoot relatively small loads of actual cum. I’m sure the two things are related.

Again, we began kissing passionately. She started reaching for my pants and felt the pre-cum wet spot. “Did you… Um…”

“No!” I said. “It’s just that I got so turned on at the restaurant, and in the parking lot and I… I leaked a lot of pre-cum.”

She rubbed the spot with a finger, and then ran that finger across my lips. She pulled my mouth to hers and tasted my lips. “Hmmm… that’s nice,” she said.

“You are so sexy,” was all I could say. 

I reached down for the hem of her dress and started pulling it up. She raised her arms as I unveiled her body to my lusty eyes. Her skin was so smooth. She looked almost like someone had Photoshopped all the flaws from her body. A few small, and very sexy moles were all the flaws her skin had, if you could call them flaws at all. Her legs were long, and looked strong. Her tummy was not six pack skinny, but it was thin and beautiful, with only a slight indication of a “pooch.” She had a two pack, like me, but it looked far sexier on her.

Her breasts were perfect. I know some guys only like natural breasts, but I am very turned on by a well done boob job as well as by natural breasts. Hers had been expertly enhanced, so they were pert, but didn’t look like someone had glued two half cantaloupes onto her chest. The shape was very natural. Her areolas were dark, and about the size of a fifty cent piece, which I love. And her nipples were thick and long. They were an incredible turn on.

I picked her up and placed her on her bed. Then I stripped out of my clothes, except my boxer briefs, as quickly as I could. I laid on top of her and we kissed again. I moved down and licked the bottoms of her breasts. Her breath caught. She liked that a lot. It’s a sensitive spot most guys miss. I only knew about it because I find that part of the breast so sexy and I had a girlfriend in college that actually came when I tickled that part of her breasts with my tongue.  I alternated back and forth between her breasts, feeling one as I tongued the bottom side of the other. Finally, I circled her areola with my tongue and circled her long nipple. She was humping up against me and pushing her chest up into my face. I finally took one of those gorgeous nipples into my mouth and sucked gently.

“Bite it…” she breathed. “Bite it gently…”

I took her nipple between my teeth and gently squeezed with my teeth as I flicked the tip with my tongue. At the same time I was very gently stroking her other breast. Then I switched. I could have sucked on her breasts for hours, but I was drawn by the scent of a pussy that was desperate to climax.

I kissed my way down her stomach, making a deliberate pause to kiss the sexy little mole near her belly button. I moved down past her crotch and kissed and licked her beautiful legs. They were so smooth. I then reached up and hooked my fingers in her thong and began to tug it down. She raised her ass off of the bed and let me reveal her beautiful pussy.

She was shaved except for a triangular landing strip just above her cleft. Her vagina was beautiful. Her inner lips protruded only slightly, and the inner pink skin was just peaking out at me. The hood of her clit was pulled just slightly back, revealing her little pearl. I just looked at it for a minute, then I reached up with one hand and gently stroked her around the outside of her pussy. When she started pushing up into my hand, I leaned down and began licking the area between her inner lips and her outer, tasting the slight saltiness. I kissed and gently sucked all around her slit. I took her inner lips between my lips and gently pulled. I loved her scent. I loved her flavor. I finally put my tongue into her and tasted her fully. I licked her from her taint (the area of skin between the asshole and pussy—“‘taint asshole and ‘taint pussy”) to her clit, and back, over and over. Then I began my exploration of what gave her the most pleasure, flicking her clit lightly, then harder. Sucking on her slit while tonguing her clit. Running my tongue up and down along the sides of her clit, and then running it side to side over it. 

The whole time Stacia was moaning, “Oh my… I can’t believe it. It feels so good. Oh, you’re driving me crazy. That’s so good.”

As I began concentrating on the thing I thought would get her off, sucking on her while flicking her clit directly but with gentle pressure, she was tossing her head side to side and pulling on her own nipples. After a few minutes her pelvis began to rise and I felt her stomach go hard. She started stroking my hair and gently pulling my face into her pussy. I was breathing easy, loving what I was doing, and would have been happy to be there for hours. Stacia stiffened and came with a shout. Not sure what she’d like, what kind of “cummer” she was, I slowed down and just gently sucked at her labia. 

She pulled me up so I was lying on top of her and she kissed me, licking her own juices from my lips and whispering, “Thank you. Thank you. That was so good…”

I held her as her breathing returned to normal, and then said, “I’d be happy to give you much more. Do you want another orgasm?”

She smiled at me. “That was the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm that way. My ex did it a few times for a few minutes when we were first dating, but he didn’t like it. And now I know that he was horrible at it.”

“What a fool,” I said. “I’ll eat you any time you want and as often as you want. You’re pussy is beautiful. Your scent is erotic. And you taste wonderful. I love how responsive you are.”

I was gently rubbing her nipples.

“You want to lick me some more?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Yes,” I said enthusiastically. “I love your pussy.”

“Michael… Will you lick my butt? I’ve always wanted to try that.”

This was something I hadn’t done in a while, but I loved it. In addition to loving to eat pussy, I’m an ass man. I find the whole butt to be sexy, including the asshole. 

“Roll over and put a pillow under your hips,” I said.

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