Tuesday, February 28, 2012

True Story

Several years ago, when I was single (still am, but there have been interludes of not being single) I found myself horny as hell and without prospect of relief. Sick and tired of my own right hand, tired of lubing myself up, and prior to the invention of the "Fleshlight", I decided that what I needed was a trip to a rub and tug. I needed to get off, and I didn't care if it was by someone else's hand, or by another body part. I just didn't want to be a do-it-yourselfer on that particular day.

I was not someone who frequented "massage" parlors, or sought the services of ladies of the evening. However, I knew where they were, because I knew the city. I drove to the part of town where I knew such a place could be found and pulled up to the business establishment promising Chinese Massage. I've always fancied Asian women (as well as caucasian women, women of African ancestry, Native American women, Middle Eastern women... OK... I just like women). And, who knew? Perhaps a Chinese Massage included a blowjob, not just a hand job.

I went in and was greeted by a mean little Chinese woman who seemed to be certain I was a cop. She acted like there was no business there. Seriously. I walked into her massage parlor and she asked, "What you want?" as though I'd just wandered into her living room. Hostile.

"Um... a massage."

She looked at me very skeptically. Perhaps she thought I meant I wanted to give her a massage and was wondering if she wanted one from me.

"You know..." I made a shoulder rubbing gesture, despite the fact that I was there for a something I could have easily depicted with another, one handed gesture.

After studying me some more, she said, "Go there" and pointed to a door.

Was that where some Bruce Lee wannabe was waiting to kick my ass and take my money? She sure acted like she didn't really want me there.

I went through the door and I was in a fairly dark hall that smelled moist. I was all alone, and had no idea what to do. I just stood there thinking that my right hand, a Penthouse, and some baby oil didn't really sound like a bad night anymore.

In a few minutes that felt like an hour, another tiny little old woman came in. She pointed to the back and said, "Shower." That explained the moisture.

I went to the back, disrobed, and took a shower in a wood paneled shower room. It was musty, there was no soap, and I did not feel clean afterward. I also hadn't thought that there was no towel offered to me, and I failed to bring my own. Rookie.

An arm came through the shower door as I stood there regretting being in that place, and it held a towel. To my relief, it wasn't the arm of an old woman. It was small, but the skin was youthful. At least there was someone there under 80 that might be responsible for the massage.

I dried myself, then wrapped a the towel around my waist. I stepped out of the shower room and there stood a petite little woman who was cute as hell. She was tiny, though. Couldn't have been over 4' 10", with almost no breasts and a very small ass. She was dressed in a pair of tight black shorts and a form fitting tank top (which didn't have a hell of a lot to form to, but she sure had a cute face and long shiny black hair.

"Come," she said.

"I hope to," I said under my breath.

We walked to a room that had a bathtub in it, but also a massage table. She gave me a list of massages to choose from, which included an option of the girl bathing me. That explained the bathtub. I chose the baby powder massage.

I was lying face down on the massage table, hoping I'd actually get a decent massage out of the deal. Those old ladies had me tense. A good, relaxing massage would've been nice. Perhaps the little woman would walk on my back. They do that in China, right? Or is that a Japanese thing? Instead, I felt her pour some powder on my back and then her delicate little hands very gently rubbed my back. I'm not saying they massaged my back. My muscles remained untouched, but my skin was stroked. It was not the massage I hoped for, but it did bode fairly well for the jerking off for which I really came.

In what couldn't have been more than five minutes, she indicated I should roll over. I did so, my cock at about half staff making a lump under the towel that still covered me. Seeming to take no notice, the girl put baby powder on my torso and rubbed it, then on my legs and rubbed them. Another five minutes, which produced a firmer erection as she stroked my upper thighs, and she indicated she was done.

"What about..." I pointed to my cock.

The girl looked astonished at the suggestion. She bolted from the room. I sat up, blood draining quickly from my dick as I heard loud talk in Chinese that didn't sound happy. Had I completely misunderstood this place? I was expecting the mean little old lady to come in with a stick and give me a beating very different from the one I wanted.

Instead,  two women came in. One was the little one who gave me the rub, the other was taller, with a far more mature and womanly figure. She had big boobs under a tube top, and a larger butt in tight pants. She wasn't nearly as pretty as the little one.

The big one took charge. She had me lay back down. She took the towel off of me, revealing my flaccid prick, it having gone soft as I prepared myself to run from the stick wielding old lady. The big one said something in Chinese to the little one as they looked down at my schmeckle. I'm guessing the little one said, "It looked bigger before, now it's all wimpy." The big one must've replied, "Don't worry, I can fix that." She took my hand grabbed the bottom of her tube top, opened it up, and put my hand on her breast. It was warm, and full, and soft. Unlike my dick, that got hot and hard almost immediately.

The big one then took my cock in hand, poured some oil on it, and began sliding her hand up and down my prick. She'd definitely done this before. Her hand was expert on my cock, applying just the right pressure, giving it a little turn at the top as she got to the head. I was kneading her breast. She didn't seem to give a shit.

The big one told the little one something and she wrapped her hand around my cock. The big one slid her hand up and down and the little one imitated her movements with her smaller hand below. Then the big one demonstrated the extra attention to the head and the little one practiced. It felt great to have two hands masturbating me at once. The double slide was heavenly, particularly as one played with the head and the other kept jerking the shaft.

The big one then took my hand from her breast and slid it up the little one's shirt. There really were no boobies there to fondle. Little nipples to tweek, but nothing to knead. The little one looked embarrassed by her lack of tit. I took my hand away and slid it under her pant leg and started feeling her sexy little ass cheek. I moaned, not so much because it made me moan, but because I wanted her to know she had a body part that could also arouse a man.

While I laid there, fondling the tiny ass of the little one, both women continued jacking me off. The little one now took the top position, jerking off the top half of my cock, and playing with the head. The big one jerked the bottom half of my cock and occasionally gave my balls a quick tickle with her fingertips.

I enjoyed the feeling as long as I could, but soon my cock swelled even more, the head getting larger in the little one's hands. She said something in Chinese as she felt it expand and I started automatically thrusting my hips to drive my cock up into their hands. The big one told the little one what was going on. It was pretty delightful to see the little one's eyes get big as she watched my cock prepare to shoot it's load. The big one evidently coached the little one not to stop or slow down. They both kept at my cock until I groaned and shot my first spurt of cum onto my own chest. The little one giggled but kept whacking me off. My next few pumps of jism hit my belly, then I trickled cum over her hand as she held my cock, smiling at what she'd accomplished.

The big one, very business-like, took the little one away, indicating it was all done, and she showed her where to get a washcloth to wipe up my mess. The big one walked out of the room as the little one came over, smiling, and wiped my cum from my chest and stomach. She pointed to the shower and handed me another towel. I showered, got dressed, and walked out to see the old lady standing there, demanding payment. Fifty bucks for a shower I gave myself, a half-assed massage, but a double hand job. I couldn't complain. I gave her sixty indicating a tip for the girl and I left. When I went to bed that night I replayed the double hand job in my mind and beat off anyway, sixty bucks poorer, but a memory for the highlight reel richer.

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